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Wound Care Question - shallow(?) stab wound on upper thigh, can't get stitches

so i stabbed myself in the upper thigh approximately forty minutes ago. i immediately took basic first aid measures (i put pressure on the wound, washed it, sanitized it, applied antibiotic ointment and a bandaid, etc) but i'm worried that i need to seek further medical treatment for the wound to heal properly. i don't know how severe it is as far as stab wounds go-- the skin appears to be cut clean through, and fat is visible, but it's not gushing blood-- but i think it may require stitches.
here's the problem: i can't see a doctor. i live with my mother (i'm 18 but still dependent because of severe mental illness), am on her health insurance, and can't drive myself, so there's no way i could get myself to the clinic or pay for an appointment without her knowing. she absolutely can't know, because she'd probably have me hospitalized, and i can't afford that right now. i'm finally getting somewhere with my recovery. if i don't finish my work for the class i'm in, or stop attending it altogether, i'm extremely screwed. i can't go back to being hopeless and suicidal and directionless.
well. goddammit. i'm feeling faint now. this is great. this is just fantastic.
anyway, help?

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If you're feeling faint, then it might be a sign to get checked out.

Could you discuss it with your mum?

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I'm afraid you have to take responsibility for your actions. Get it seen to. I know it's annoying and will have a negative impact on things but you chose to self harm so you have to deal with the consequences.

Good luck.

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