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Contains bullying - what bullying has done to me

piece of ****

8 years..8 long years i would hear those words and many others...

it all began in middle school...i was 10 years old...every hurtful name you could ever call someone...that was me...

it also opened the door to the clinical depression i suffer from now...

it also is what made me attempt suicide for the first time when i was 13 years old...

everyday was a constant struggle..but i was soooo far in denial about what was going on around..i knew how to make everybody around me think that i was fine...

i ket everything bottled up for over three years before my attempt...i just didnt want to deal with the fact that everyone hated me...and i use the term"hate" as a understatment....

my parents seemed to be more worried about what trouble i was getting instead of realizing that their son was in trouble...

every school i went to from age 10 was constant...verbal threats...confrontations on the bus...just about everywhere i went ...there wasnt a day that went by that it didnt happen...i think that the emotional abuse was way worse the the pysicahl abuse...

and the schools were worse because they did nothing to stop it..i remember a time where in high school..we had this off duty police officer who,if he saw anything going on that he would report bullying and or fights..but all he did was just walk around the campus....totally ignoring the fact that it was going on right in front of his face...and i was like"what the **** are you doing here if this is going on in front of you...and you do nothing" this day it still makes no sense to me....

another incident happened whan i was 10..and this classmate of mine...we had this gigantic field and he gave me a wedge and draqgged me across the field in front of everyone...

another incident took place my senior year of high school...on the bus where a bunch of kids tormented me..and they followed me off the bus..and were pyschially assulting me..and i almost attemped suicide that day...

but the worst memory i have is at my high school graduation...a bunch of girls and guys assaulted me before the ceromony..and the principal at the time he said to me"so what"

in other words he didnt give a **** what happened to me...what a real nice guy he was....

i dont think i have ever gotten over what has happened to me....i carried it and still continue to carry it with me...i dont trust people all that much(even here)...

there is still so many incidents i could post..but it would take me forever to list them all...

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