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So I've lost some "close" friends recently due to misunderstandings involving my self injury. This has happened before in high school, and now it's happening again and I just really am so lonely and feel like I have no close friends or best friends. If I'm not at school, I'm either working out alone or at my apartment alone in my room. It's not like I'm unsocial, it's just that I have a lot of acquaintances so I never hang out with anyone outside of class. I honestly want to cry because I'm the kind of person who absolutely despises being alone, and that's how I spend every single weekend.

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I know its hard hun but please don't sit in your room alone go and sit with family and talk or just watch tv or just sit and read a book hun you don't have to sit in your room alone or just ask someone you speak too to come around and see you even if its only for an hour xx

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Perhaps you could try '' to find those who have similar interests to yourself, it is a great way to just get yourself out there and socialise, whether or not you know anyone. While it is nice to have 'close friends' whom you can confide in and whatnot, it also feels good just to talk for a while about something you're passionate about with people who share that passion.


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