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When will I be happy again????

I am almost 15 and have self harmed for several months. I started a few months after my baby brother passed away from a lung/heart disease. it was a secret for a little while but then I finally told my best friend and then my other best friend. My mom just recently discovered some "stuff" on my wrist and she's been super supportive but I just hate having when other people are concerned about me. Everyone is being nice and supportive and I have soo many people I could go to so why do I still self harm???? Why cant I just be happy with what I do have? i feel bad putting my loved ones through this with me and i wish i could stop it but its just so hard. Any suggestions for alternatives????

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It's scary and hard when things are happening around you, coupled with the guilt you feel for self-harming. It's hard to know why you're continuing when you know there are people who care about you. However, your self-harm is no slight to them, it's more because you are struggling and hurting and don't quite know another way. Surely it's hurting enough to not need you to hurt yourself anymore than you are already doing by beating yourself up?

Could you speak to your friends and family about the guilt that you feel? It sounds as though the feelings you are experiencing about your brother's death are being displaced by this guilt, and it's important to look at the reasons you're self-harming. Would it help to talk a little more about that here?


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