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Our hardest problems become our greatest success
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Triggering (ED) - I dunno what to do

I feel like I'm going to mess up and atart purging again. Which kinda sucks sacks I've been trying so hard to get better, it seems impossible at times...which I truely hate. I still won't eat when I'm upset/sad/mad I can pretty much only eat when I am in a good mood. Which has only been when I'm alone (mostly). I'm afraid to wiegh myself cause if I do then I might go straight back into that. Which I can't deal with right now. So I dunno how/what is going to/will happen within the next couple of days. I pretty much hate that I feel this way again but I want it to stop! I want to get better I just feel like that is IMPOSSIBLE right now...I'll talk more later. Its my mother's birthday...we have to eat cake...(yuck, I hate *store bought* cake.) So I hope I can get on later.

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Alice Cullen
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{This is "Alice"} Babe, don't do this. You know you're stronger than this. Especially if you could stand up to "Edward" after the way he treated you.
Hun, you are beautiful no matter what that scale says.
have cake!!!! :D

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Life is a contradiction at times - as am I
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your making steps in the right direction...i bet there was a time you didnt eat even if you felt OK so thats a huge improvment...dont expect totaly recovery overnight. Take baby steps ya'll get there

“Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles.”

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Hun, your stronger than this, you really are.
Next time you feel like purging, just think about how amazing it will be when you can look back at all of this and be recovered, trust me you'll feel so proud that you beat this.
Try to have fun at your mums birthday, instead of worrying about food.
Maybe eat something small?

take care
xx <3 helen

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*big hugs*
You're stronger than your ED, you can get through this. Next time you want to purge, think about what would be good and what would be bad about that. There are a lot of bad things about purging that you'll be able to think of, purging isn't worth it.

Don't feel you have to eat cake at your mum's birthday. You only need to eat what you feel comfortable eating and if you think eating cake will make you want to purge then say yuo don't feel like it, or only have a small slice.

Don't listen to what the scales say, they shouldn't be the thing that tells you how you're allowed to feel about yourself.


Help, I'm alive
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Like a hammer

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Our hardest problems become our greatest success
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thanks so much all of you I love you! *hug* I am feeling so much better now

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