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would this be classified as an eating disorder?

Iíve always struggled with body image and feeling like iím not skinny enough. So i started intermittent fasting and eating only two meals a day. But sometimes i would slip up and snack. When ever that would happen i would cut. I wouldnít cut because iím depressed but because i hate myself and i want the scar. I want the scar to be a reminder of the promise i made to eat better and i wanted it as a reminder of all the times i have failed to keep this promise. Iím not really sure what this is because i donít cut because iím depressed, i cut because i want the scars as a reminder. I donít know if this would be classified as some type of an eating disorder? Any input would be appreciated.
Thank you


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have u spoken to ur gp about might be a good first step towards recovery ,and you could speak on the phone if ur area is in lockdown. regardless of whether she or he says its an eating disorder its clear to me its not a healthy way of thinking ,im not an expert on eating dissorders but i really hope you get some professional help and maybe therapy if needed as this kinda thing can spiral outta control pretty quickly and also because it cant be nice for you to feel like this . i hope things improve for u soon and im sending u big hugs if thats ok xx

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Eating disorder or not (we aren't qualified to diagnose on here), it does sound like you have some unhealthy thoughts and behaviors surrounding food and your body, and it also sounds like you are restricting your food intake. I think one thing that is important to remember is that you can have disordered thoughts and behaviors without having a diagnosable eating disorder, and any type of support can usually be helpful. Also in general, if you aren't eating enough, that can absolutely have an impact on your mood and your ability to think coherently, which can essentially just trigger a feedback loop.

I think for a lot of folks something like self harm can be used as punishment or tied into behaviors around food. It's not uncommon. While that's not inherently part of an eating disorder, it can make things a lot more complicated, as you have to find healthier and safer coping skills without just swapping behaviors. That doesn't mean it isn't possible.

Do you want things to be different for you? If so, do you have any type of professional support or people in your life you trust?

You can't always keep it separate.
This is happening, this is part of you.

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iíve never actually told anyone about this itís something iíve kept to myself. Iíll definitely think about talking to someone now. I just want to say thank you for taking the time to respond to my thread, it truly means so much to me and has a bigger impact to my life than you may realize. So thank you so much both of you and i will most definitely take those hugs btw

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Ur more than welcome xx more hugs

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