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Open wound won't stop bleeding..

Hi all. I know this question has been posted before, but possibly my case is slightly different. Last week I scratched away at an old scar. It barely bled but came up quite red. I do mean 'scratch' and not 'cut'. I bandaged straight away and used an antiseptic cream. The next day I removed the bandage and it was bleeding although not heavily. A week later it's still the same. There's no sign of infection and it's not painful. But it won't stop bleeding. There's not blood running out of's very very light and thin. It seems odd though. I've never had this before and I admit I normally heal extremely fast. I've never been to a doctor about this and I don't want to go now. I considered speaking to a pharmacist but don't want to deal with all the questions. I've tried different brands of antiseptic and first aid cream and healing cream but it doesn't seem to be doing much. I feel like I want to leave it uncovered so it can dry and scab but I'm worried about risking infection. (it's in a place that needs covered by clothes). Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated and apologies if I've put this question in the wrong place.

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To be honest it sounds like plasma, so not real blood just fluid as it heals. Scar tissue takes a lot longer to heal. As long as its not showing any signs of infection (ie red, hot, swollen) then just keep it clean, dry and covered.

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