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I need some advice

Hello everyone!

I'm new to this website and i would like some advice and support.

From the age of 11, i have always been a very shy person. I only have a small group of friends, throughout school. My anxiety started to become worse as i got older, constantly worrying about the smallest things. I only get social anxiety, when i'm put in certain situations, such as the classroom. I have a fear of speaking to new people, especially those who have very outgoing personalities. I'm scared of what they'll think of me, if i embarrass myself. I constantly feel like everyone is talking about me and judging me. Most of the time they are. I agree that i'm an introvert, i prefer keeping to myself and i don't see that as a bad thing.

I have low self esteem from what people have said to me in the past. Little confidence. When i'am surrounded by family and friends, i'm a different person. I talk a lot more, i'm my true self. I'm now 16 and recently it has just got worse. I do not self harm and never will.

So, i was wondering if anyone can give me some advice and tips. On how to beat social anxiety from controlling me, and being more confident.


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Hello and welcome

I was very similar when I was your age, to the point where I was too scared to go out alone as I was so scared of others judging me. Anyway, one thing that changed my anxiety completely in that aspect was CBT, which my GP referred me for.
Here's a link which explains what CBT is all about:

I hope you find the help and support you are looking for here

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Hi there,

Welcome to RYL :)

'Cause I'll always remember you the same.
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Hi there, welcome to RYL. :) You might find our Mental Health forum or Generas Support and Advice most helpful.

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Welcome! Being an introvert is a good trait IMO, I can imagine most of the folks on here are (myself included).

I'm sure you'll find lots of support and advice here for your anxiety. :)

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Sounds like people upset you too much growing up. Probably had put-downs too so you make yourself "small" while making others "big".

The trick is to make peace with your own conscience. If you were at peace with yourself you wouldn't be over-concerned with what other people think. All people are pretty regular. Most don't feel super adequate. Everyone wakes up with puffy eyes and burping. Its kind of silly to be uptight over what people will think of us in any overwhelming way. Be careful you're not judging people too harshly either. A lot of people fear being judged by others as harshly as they do it to others lol.

Its natural to be a little shy and apprehensive at 16. Don't resent it and realise being nervous is normal to a degree and don't struggle with it. You have way too many emotions and are too bottled up. Wonder about getting rid of that gradually and all the others things will fall into place

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This isn't really advise but I understand the whole social anxiety thing. Im also 16 and have terrible social anxiety.. ESPECIALLY IN CLASSROOMS!! Like now im homeschooled(after dropping out from being unable to be at school) because is has gotten so bad. And I leave my house maybe 1-2 times a week but I still try! WE CAN MAKE IT THROUGH THIS!!

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