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Publicly embarrassed the district manager at work

The district manager was using the restroom and taking a while to finish. A customer, who had been waiting, asked me to check to see if anyone's in there.

I already knew the district manager was. I dashed to the restroom door, banged on it hard (repeatedly), and called the DM's name. I said loudly that a customer is waiting and to please get out.

My direct supervisor immediately got mad at me and told me that was rude. The customer I was helping got embarrassed and said she was only wanting to know if anyone's in there. All other customers in the lobby stared at me.

The DM herself was really upset when she came out. She complained to my direct supervisor. A few days later, I got wrote up. Even worse, my supervisor stopped liking me. Mostly ignored me and cut my hours for next week. Was it really that bad? A write up should be punishment enough. Why does my supervisor have to stop liking me?

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You made a mistake, that's all. We all make them and they give us an opportunity to learn. It sounds like it was understandably difficult for your DM and presumably you've apologised.

I'd try and leave the dust to settle and get on with your job in the professional way you normally would. If you continue to have difficulties with your superviser after a little while, know that it's their problem and not yours, and maybe reassess the situation in a week or two.

Take a breath and remind yourself of all the reasons you're good at your job and competent as a person. Your confidence has had a knock, but you're okay.

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During the write up, she even said she knew it wasn't intentional. And that she still had to write me up. I woulda thought that was punishment enough, but she also stopped liking me as a person. I'm

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it's probably not a case of not liking you as a person, but now there's a reason to be wary of you, embarrassment is very hard to get over, and she's possibly worried that you would embarrass people in other situations.

Distancing herself from you is more about her protecting herself and her feelings, which she has every right to do.

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As mentioned above, it is possible your supervisor is wary that another incident may occur. Perhaps they don't understand why you handled the customer's question the way you did. Also, perhaps the supervisor is uncomfortable with the situation she was put in as far as embarrassment and having the manager complain to her. I don't think her "not liking" you anymore is a punishment - I think she has her own feelings. Not everyone we work with is going to like one another for whatever reason.

I assume you realized that the way you handled the situation could have been done in a different fashion and that you apologized for any embarrassment caused to the district manager, your supervisor, and the embarrassed customer. If your supervisor continues to act in ways you perceive as negative, perhaps schedule a time to sit down with her in private to talk about the incident and the aftereffects.

People tend to get embarrassed over bathroom things, especially when strangers are involved, and if you already knew the district manager was in the restroom, the customer could have been told "yes, someone is in there at the moment." Also, if someone is taking a while to finish in what I assume is the only bathroom available, it is fairly obvious they are doing their business, and having the door banged repeatedly and their name called and being told someone is waiting and please get out only serves to draw attention to the fact that they are in a restroom doing personal things. It also draws attention to the person who obviously needs to use the restroom next - the customer.

I think your supervisor may be wary for a while, considering that, while unintentionally done, it is not a common way for someone to respond when someone asks if a person is in the restroom.

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It seems like I always want to help ppl but it's not always appreciated. In addition to the restroom incident, something else happened today. I was on front counter as a cashier and I helped drive thru hand out their order. They got mad bc it wasn't yet paid for. Well I thought it was!

My other job is giving out samples at Walmart. I been there a total of 4 years. When I help my coworkers break down their carts at the end of our shift, they appreciate it. I get along with everyone I work with there, no exceptions.

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Yeah that might be the case.

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