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Hey, nervous youth work student here...

I'm Xander,

I haven't said this before... but, I'm having a pretty sh!tty time

I grew up in what you'd probably call a low socioeconomic neighbourhood?

I saw & still see alot of my mates get caught up and stuck in the drug/party n gang world. They seem to...idk pop in and out of my life depends on where theyre at.
My parents were in ways kinda like my mates, one straight up n the other the charts. ... but they were caught up in something they couldnt find a way out of they had grown up with parents the same and with#no way to get out.....**** this is f*ckn hard... sorry

Uhhhhhh I'm here cause my best friend... she said maybe I should try online if face to face was too much right now. cause she was worried about me. she means more to me than anyone and i wanna see if i can....idk sort some **** out
So parents friends were pretty rough, and so were their friends.
idk.... did you have friends you'd play with after school in middleschool? Xbox? or Football? Tag school property?
Me too, but they played with knives as well. I live in this double world. Where some of my mates are kinda chill, though a bit weird.
And the others idk............idk even how to explain them. Parts of me are like that and then they just switch off...
Sorry, idek if this makes sens

I never thought about all this stuff til i opened up to my best friend about it, cause of some stuff that was going on a couple of weeks ago.

I hope to get to know some of you......

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Hi Xander, welcome to RYL. I'm sorry things are difficult for you and I hope it helped even a little to write it down here. I hope you find it helpful here. Take care.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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