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Contains bullying - Very depressed and I no longer want to live as I feel sick!

Good afternoon all hope you are getting through the day okay.

I am highly dissatisfied with the way Council Housing Services run things when it comes to their rented council properties as they do not have zero tolerance to harassment! as I personally have been harassed for 1 year and 5 months in supported housing by my neighbours, just because they did not like my acceptable noises from: 01/09/2015 to 12/01/2018. From: 18th March 2018 on the second day of settling into my new council flat in another location as the council gave me a transfer, I have been met with yet again more harassment just because my neighbours who live below me.

Do not like me walking across my wooden slatted flooring acceptably as occasionally makes a clonking and creaking noise, but the Housing Officer who showed me around the flat assured me that that was acceptable noise and I could even leave the wooden slatted flooring uncovered. They do not like me having a shave in my bathroom from: 9:00am in the morning and also they do not like me preparing my bathroom to be decorated by making acceptable less than workman like noises, therefore harass me by slamming their doors extremely, tremendously loudly 19+ times almost 24/7 per day which sounds like a bomb going off!

Knocked extremely, tremendously loudly on their lounge ceiling 6x just because I was walking across my wooden slatted flooring and 6x on their either their bathroom ceiling or bath panel just because I was having a shave from: 9:00am. Recently they have been verbally harassing me by shouting abuse and as soon as I go to the toilet by closing my bathroom door, putting the toilet seat down respectively throughout those 7 minutes I am met by 5x tremendously loud bangs on the bath, bath panel.

Radiator, bathroom windowsill, on the radiator and even 5x slamming the toilet cistern lid down as Ianís partner gets so outraged! that I am using my bathroom by going to the toilet in, all this banging is repeated at least 7x throughout those 7 minutes! I am currently staying at my grandmaís again as the harassment is that bad! nothing would give me more pleasure than to settle down and live in a council property, so that I can continue with my photography and animal care hobby and actually get a girlfriend!!!!!

Because I had to put a stop to that due to not only threats from my neighbours saying they would love to kill me in their flats but threats of more harassment towards me to stop me from living my life! I feel so depressed and sick that my neighbour harassers are stopping me from living a life, any life! Therefore making me feel like I no longer want to live as I am just being met with pure evil, sometimes I think why donít I become the harasser/bully?

Knowing my luck if I did become a harasser/bully I would get caught as I am a terrible liar and I normally get found out even when telling white lies! most of the time it feels as though I am living in limbo, I do wish it was my fault that the neighbours below are harassing me. So the problem could be fixed a.s.a.p. so I could settle down, but at the end of the day I am not doing anything wrong at all which makes it even more frustrating! Why do bad things happen to good honest people? you will laugh I have been buying EuroMillions tickets when the jackpot gets to £30 million and pray to god that my wish would come true, as I would be setup for life and so would my family! I see that the Jackpot is: £67 Million this Tuesday (07/08/2018) coming wish me luck!

I look forward to your replies.

All the very best,


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Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having difficulty with your new neighbours. What have you tried so far to manage this, e.g. speaking to your neighbour/a housing officer/the council? Have the noises made by your neighbour been deemed to be acceptable noises or not?

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