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Useful Links & Phone Numbers *ARTICLES UP ON THE MAIN SITE*

Useful Links & Phone Numbers

The articles are now located on the main site!

Do not link people or copy and paste any information from websites not listed here. Any unauthorized links or information will be removed.

Please note, This information is not meant to replace hospital care or advice. For example, if you have taken an overdose or you have a wound which is bleeding heavily please seek medical treatment immediately.

Emergency ambulance

Australia.............000 Canada............911
Denmark.............112 Finland.............112
France.................15 Germany...........112
Hong Kong..........999 Ireland..............112
Israel.................101 Italy.................118
New Zealand.........111 Philippines.........166
Singapore...........995 Switzerland........144
United Kingdom....999 United States.....911

Poison control
In the event of an overdose or accidental ingestion, further advice can be given from you local number.

UK users are advised to call their local helpline. For England this is the free service on 111, for Wales this is NHS Direct (though it will be moving to 111 in the future)on 0845 46 47, and for Scotland this is NHS24 on 08454 24 24 24. NHS Direct/ NHS24 are priced at the cost of a local number from a landline, costs may be higher from a mobile.
US - 1-800-222-1222

A comprehensive list of poison control numbers for all countries in the world can be found here, at the World Health Orginization's website.

Aus users may find it useful to call "healthdirect Australia" on 1800 022 222
NZ users may find it useful to call Healthline on 0800 611 116

NHS Choices
Details about your nearest NHS places, such as walk in centres and hospitals for people in the UK. Also has articles about different medical conditions and home treatments.

NHS 24 (Scotland only) 08454 24 24 24

HealthDirect Australia
Australia's version of NHS Direct giving information about their telephone service and medical problems.

Health Direct's website
New Zealand's health helpline which is giving non-emergency nurse-led advice

WebMD Wound Care Information
Information on wound care and other medical emergencies.

WebMD Or the US version, MedicineNet
Plenty of information on medications, treatments and conditions.

Mayo Clinic
Information on conditions along with treatment plans, symptom checker and a first aid guide.

St Johns Ambulance
Offers first aid advice for emergency situations.

Cool Nurse
Contains lots of information on a wide range of first aid issues including cuts and bleeding. In addition to Tattoo and piercing care advice.

In depth information on a range of conditions.
Excellent information on a wide range of prescription drugs.

British National Formularly
Another great website about a wide range of prescription drugs

Information on illegal drugs.

Better Health Medical Dictionary
Medical dictionary and abbreviations.

Help Guide
A non-profit resource with information on healthy lifestyles and mental health.

Mental health website containing information on medications and treatments.

WHO Health Topics
Website from the World Health Organisation (WHO) with links to medical conditions.

If you have any further suggestions for this list, or you find a broken link, please PM Animad

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