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Need help and advice on getting my Fiance in alcohol rehab (USA)

My fiance has a very very deep problem with alcohol, she admits to being an alcoholic since as early as 9 years old, due to a very shitty and horrendous child hood. I have finally got her to agree to try to find professional help that she desperately needs. She is even willing to do an extended in house rehab program. The problem is, we live paycheck to paycheck, neither one of us can support our house hold on our own, not only do we not have the money to get her into a program, I would not be able to keep the rent payed or our animals fed with my paycheck alone, not to mention my car and insurance.
What are our options here, is there any type of assistance that goes to helping the patients family stay afloat while the patient is in rehab? Also what are our options for getting assistance for the rehab its self? I am desperate for answers, we both are, if anything is going to end our relationship it is her alcohol problem. And that is why she finally agreed to get professional help.

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I'm not in USA, I'm English, I do drink quite a lot myself.

With alcohol, probably the best help is self help, only she can stop or cut down drinking a lot, no-one can make her, it is possible.

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Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous if not done correctly, if her drinking is as serious as it sounds, she should be medically detoxed. I'd check with the hospitals around you for any inpatient detox options, or just go to an ER and explain to them that she is withdrawing from alcohol. The risks that come with unsupervised alcohol withdrawal can be very serious. I don't know what your health insurance status is, but a hospital will most likely bill you and you can pay it off. Check with her health insurance and maybe there is a program available. Reach out to any AA programs and meetings around your area and they may be able to help you. You could try a "go fund me" account to help with bills. I really hope she gets the help she needs and good luck to the both of you!

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