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I want people to worry about me?


This might be a weird one to explain so bear with me.

I have done a lot of things to myself which are unhealthy (not eating properly, purging, cutting etc) and am currently have some therapy which I am finding helpful. I have found that a lot of these things which I do are motivated by a desire to have some tell me they are worrying about me.

I want them to worry and care if I have purged or if my weight drops.

Am I just a terribly selfish person or is this something that other eating-disordered people experience?

Hearing 'I'm worried about you' is like the holy grail for me, I want people to notice and pay me attention. And care about me. And look after me.

Am I just attention seeking or am I ill? I am finding it really hard to make that distinction....

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting attention and love from those around you. Especially is you are dealing with issues surrounding depression or other mood disturbances.

However, if you engage in dangerous behavior simply for the attention, and have no other motives, that definitely warrants being talked about between you and your recovery team. Again, you are NOT a bad person for wanting attention, that is a normal part of being human, but you need to find other ways to get that love and affection. In ways that do not harm you. You deserve to heal and be healthy and happy!

Best of luck to you!

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I've done the stupidest sh*t for just a little bit of attention, especially when I craved attention from a specific person, not just in general.
Let me tell you that it will not work in your favor.

Do you have any ideas as to why you want attention?
How does it make you feel?
For me that is how I work through the urges to do harmful things purely/mostly for attention. I remember past instances and how after getting the attention/having people be worried I didn't feel better at all. If anything I felt worse because there is a big part of me who would do anything to not cause any upset and worry to my family and friends. I also found that once people started worrying e.g. about my weight (which I didn't lose in any disordered fashion) it was more annoying than anything else.

I think that attention seeking behaviors mostly substitute needs that are not met. If you find some professional support they could help you work out what your needs are and together you can find healthier ways of asking for those needs to be met.

You are not selfish or a bad person or anything.

Your struggles with food are real and serious independent of what causes them.

I advise you to seek help and work on yourself because that way you can learn to deal with things in better ways that benefit you longterm.

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I understand

Hey sweetie
It is not weird to want people to worry about you
I feel the same way
It just means you want people to care and love about you
It doesn't make you attention seeking
Only human honey, we're all only human
Stay strong babe💕

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As others have said it is not wrong to want people to care and take notice of you, however if you are using self destructive methods to elicit these responses that does sound like something you need to explore, perhaps in therapy, in order to find healthier ways of getting that feeling of being cared for, of being worthy of worry.

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at first i thought this was one of my posts... because it's just like me. i don't eat and when people tell me to eat i feel satisfied.



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