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after 3 months... *triggering SI?

so i hadn't cut for 3 months. just one day i was in the hospital and i woke up and then i was fine. didn't want to do it anymore. then, 3 months later, i suddenly can't control it again. no particular reason. i mean, i'd wanted to during that 3 months at times, but it wasn't that big of a deal. i could easily control it. and now i'm doing it almost every day for the last 2 weeks. anyone ever have that happen, where it just comes and goes for absolutely no reason? the weird thing was, that i had been doing it without stopping for a year and a half before that, and had never had that happen. the only other time i stopped was really hard. so i just don't get it. i thought it might be my meds, but why would they just suddenly stop working?

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Have you been under more stress recently or has anything happened that may have caused this? If you think it's justthe meds then maybe see about going to see the doctor that prescribed them to you in the first place to see whether they think a change is needed- maybe your blood levels of the drug has dropped because your body has got used to breaking it down so maybe a bigger dose is needed but only a doctor can tell you that. You need to look at your whole lifestyle and see if ANYTHING has changed which may have caused this and maybe see ways around it to make it easier for you to stop again.

Try and distract yourself. I know how hard it is and it requires a lot of will power but you've got out of it for 3 months once before, I'm sure you can do it again but be prepared for it to be hard. Maybe see about talking to a close friend if you feel like cutting and this might help you to not do it but this may be difficult as you say you have no particular reason for it.

That probably didnt make any sense whatsoever but you can always PM me if you want help or just to distract yourself or whatever


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well when it first started nothing in particular had happened. but afterwards a friend just randomly decided to stop talking to me, and that was pretty much the last friend i had. so now i've decided i don't want to get close to anyone, because everyone did that -- was my friend one day and the for whatever reason decided they didn't care or didn't have time anymore. so i'm sure that's not helping, but that didn't set it off. they are raising my meds, so hopefully that will help.

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I've had this happen to me. I SI'd continuously for about 6 years then had a year and i half free. When i was free i didn't make a conscious decision not to cut i just didn't really want to, although i had urges sometimes i could get through them as i didn't want to throw away my hard work, so they weren't that intense. I think the reason that i stopped is that i managed to sort out my life and actually be doing what i wanted to.
Unfortunately i started again recently and it's due to stress and loads of stuff changing in my life, which feel quite threatening.
I hope you can work out your reasons and work through them. Just wanted you to know you're not alone.

Life breaks most of us in the end, but afterwards some of us are strong in the broken places
~ Ernest Hemingway

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