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Triggering (SI) - Wanting to after a while...

I've gone a pretty decent amount of time w/o cutting. I've been triggered, and wanted to, all the time, but I've just ignored it, I guess? For whatever reason I've been able to Not do it. Lately, it is REALLY bugging me. I just want to so badly and I don't know why. And I know I won't (or at least, would like to think I won't) but I have this stupid "I need to!" feeling and why won't it just go away, you know? Ugh.

I can't understand why I still want to or why remembering all the "bad" bits makes it seem even more appealing. And I can't understand what makes now feel different. I've been triggered before, it's no big deal, except... It's kind of big on my mind now. I don;t know. sorry.

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You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. Congratulations on going without it! It is completely normal to have urges to do something that you have once been dependent on. The urges come and go, and I'm sure this one will go. Did you have a way of coping with your more recent triggers when the feeling to S.I wasn't so strong? Or did you just ignore it and let it build up until now? If you do end up giving in to the urge to cut, remember that it's OKAY. It's also normal to slip up. Don't give up, you sound like you are doing well :) Stay strong.

I know that it's a wonderful world, but I can't feel it right now.

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Thanks everyone..

IDk. I'm still flipping ridiculous and triggered and I'm triching and ugh. I hate not knowing WHY I'm so triggered.

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