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i just want to die...

i want to die right now and i cant get the thught out of my mind........

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What is going on that you feel like this? Talking about it may help you feel better, or at least while you are talking, maybe youll be distracted for that moment and not want to.

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i felt so horrible last night like no one even cared and i went completely crazy with a knife all over my body.....again. i got a call from my best friend and she made me stop i feel better today but not 100% but thats just because i have pe today and we have to change, the cuts are so bad today that i cant blame my cat, i tried ,yesterday with my math teacher i dont think he belived me but he didnt want to except the sad truth...i wonder if my pe teacher will tell my mom.......................

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14/6/2007 -
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Hey there i just want you to know that i care and if ever you need someone to talk to im always here for you ok. So please dont hesitate to pm me. I know what its like to want to die iv been there myself many times and you may feel that its the best solution but its not trust me i know one thing for sure that all of us on ryl here would be devastated if anything bad happened to you.

Im really pleased your feeling a little bit better today. That show you have made some progress which is excellent. I think its really good that you made this thread asking for help. I really feel for you honest i do. Im sorry to hear that you have been having a bad time ijust hope that things get better for you soon. You are never alone because as i said you are more than welcome to pm me if ever you need to talk ok. Take care best wishes Ian

14/06/2007 -

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Danielle =]
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Hang in there it might not seem like it right now but things will improve.
i know how you feel and the feeling is a really horrible one but it will pass over time and you will be free to get your life back.
have you tried talking to a counsellor about the way you are feeling??
i know when i was going through the same feelings i was given a form of prozac and it worked wonders i am now able to control the way i feel alot more and able to carry on with life with hope that one day things wil change.
just dont give up. life wont always be this way for you and thats something i believe strongly in. Everything happens for a reason and there is a lesson to be learn from how you are feeling right now.
keep strong and we are all here if you need us. feel free to pm me if you want to.
take care

<3 He took the blade from her hand and whispered gently in her ear " hold on and everything will be alright" <3

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