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Altered Labels

For various reasons it has been decided to reduce/ alter the labels on the forum. They've now been reduced to the following which are left due to necessity;

*Eating Disorder*; purely there to aid people with Eating Disorders (EDs) not to get too triggered by the thread and also alert members of the team that that is what it's about. Any thread with content related to EDs, whether the question is directly regarding them or not should be labelled with this. Numbers/ food diaries/ similar or not allowed.

*Sexual Health*; it was decided to leave this one in place to aid those looking through the forum who may be affected by this sort of thread, ie those who have been sexually abused (/ similar). It need not be used on questions related to periods but those with the mention of sex and especially relating to or mentioning rape/ sexual assault should display this.

*Overdose/ Self-poisoning Question*; for any question related to ODs (or self-poisonings). This is both so that members may view this quicker as it is often (though not always) at a higher level of urgency and also to help reduce people becoming triggered by them. Please note that neither the name of the medication taken nor the amount can be mentioned in OD threads due to tip-sharing.

*Wound Care Question*; mainly so that wound care advisors can be guided into the thread but also as this is where many users give their best advice.

Please remember to use these labels when needed and that we don't expect every thread to fit under these categories. We are still allowing general medical questions however we felt these labels were not needed especially as the urgent one was often abused.

We no longer have the SI or the graphic labels; it must be understood by all that the First Aid Forum should be deemed as triggering by anyone and therefore people should enter each thread with caution. It is the user’s responsibility to be careful on the FAF and therefore only enter it if they feel able to cope with the triggering nature. If members feel parts of their thread are more triggering then they can feel free to add that to the title or put info in a hide box at your own discretion but ensure that you post solely within the FAF Rules.

If people want to discuss the new labels or have any problems with them feel free to bring them up here or via PM, they can be altered if needs be as for now we've just gone with a quick general consensus from the team.

First Aid Advisor

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Thank you Kim :)

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Thanks, Kim.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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Thanks Kim.

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Good move! :)

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1 thing I've noticed is in some threads people have decided on 1 label and then added another in the title; try and think whether this is really necessary. As well as that think what label you want in the title if you feel 2 is needed and though we've changed OD to *OD/ self poisoning*, this does not mean that people have to write that in their title if they feel they want to add another. The reason I decided to change it is because some things can't be classed as an OD as there isn't a normal dose for them or having any is poisonous. This is only when it comes to adding other triggers into the title, don't do this instead of putting 1 od our labels there.

Another thing, try and make your title as descriptive as possible. There has bee less of a problem with this recently but ones such as "Help" or "I'm sorry" or similar actually make it less likely for people to look and also people who may be able to help if you put a more descriptive title on there (such as a few words saying the problem) may not go in there. This isn't just a hint for this forum but also for others.
The big one on here though is people putting "OD" as a title and then having the trigger label there too. With that I do wonder what the point of a title is... Yes I know you're restricted in what you can say but even if you put how you feel physically then that is much better and may also aid who is replying or what they put.

The above comment on titles also goes with PMs to FA staff. Nothing annoys us more than the PMs saying "Can I PM you?". Everyone who gets them is tempted to reply 'well the fact that it got to me shows that actually you can send a pm to me', all that does is waste time. I know at the moment the team is small, hopefully soon it will grow but we're having a few problems at the moment with that but saying what the PM is about in the title means quickly it can be sent to another member of the team if say it's sent to an WCA rather than an FAA; if however the title says "Sorry for PM'ing you" the team member may think *I was planning on going to bed and the title doesn't look too bad so I'll look at that tomorrow* and by the time they go into it they realise it was regarding something they can't deal with and therefore have to forward it on when perhaps 24hrs has passed. Not just that but say if I come online and have several PMs in my inbox to deal with, the main thing that makes me decide which to answer first is by looking at the title. If 1 is regarding an OD and another is an itchy spot I'm going to look at the OD first as the situation needs to be dealt with quicker, but, if they both gave ambiguous titles such as "I'm sorry for PMing you" or "Hi", then who's to say which I open first. The same can also be true with the titles of threads as we do go by which ones are more important and then filter through the other ones after. We don't necessarily start at the ones posted first and work to the top like many think, and therefore that is something to bear in mind but whatever you do, DON'T make a title purposely make something appear worse than it is as there is nothing that annoys the team more than that and is a main reason we got rid of the "General Medical Question - Urgent* label.

Anyway, back to the main point. The labels were reduced and don't feel like you need to add some of the old ones back in or anything in the title. Only put extras in if you feel they are definately necessary as all it does is reduces what info you can give in your title and can put people off looking in the thread and therefore replying when in fact you want the opposite. If you feel something is triggering, on the FAF you do NOT need to put that in the title, it should be known that it is a triggering board, people should be cautious when reading any of it. This board is about people taking responsibility for themselves, both in creating a thread, any replies they make as well as viewing them and therefore people need to bear that in mind.

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Thank you Kim for this explanation. I know I tend to address my pms with a 'Hi' and hadnt thought of how it would affect things from your perspective. Im really glad you have pointed this out. Thank you x

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You don't have to label a thread with ED just because you have one if you think it's not related and you're not going to bring it up. If you say in passing; I've got an ED too, maybe even with the type, then I'd see that as fine if the question, you believe is unrelated. However, if you start to go into more detail about the ED/ further questions are asked about it as we feel it may be a related then that would be the point where adding the label into the title is a good idea and if it's felt a neccessity it may be that I add it into the title but if I do so I'd probably PM you to say why (with doing that for us it doesn't automatically send members a PM like a 'normal' edit and therefore it may be that that would be forgotten so if a thread does have a label added and you're not sure why then feel free to PM myself and if it was me that added it I'd say why or if someone else did I could probably work out why (and if it was KimB she may have already discussed the reason why with me but she can't be on RYL much at the moment unfortunately).

But nope, you don't have to add the label just because you've ED if it's a general medical question otherwise a large number of threads here would have it.

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Oh, and by the way, it's more PMs saying "can I PM you?" that bother us much more than ones with a title saying "Hi". I personally do have a quick skim through a PM first but other members of the team (and we are thinking about adding more soon) may not do so do just bare that in mind.

Me and KimB (Bitter_Angel) have before thought about replying to those PMs by saying "well evidently as I received the the PM then you can send me one", not that we have, I definately haven't. So yeh, it does cause a bit of annoyance but more than that is the fact that it takes 2 more PMs to get anything sorted and if we're online at different times to the members that are PM'ing us it can take up quite a lot of time.

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Thanks Kim, you're awesome.

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thanks kim :)

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Just bumping this, more just to remind people. There's been a few threads recently that have not had labels but may have benefitted from them, though not enough for me to have taken action. As well as that I've received some PMs with titles which haven't told me anything about the content. I know the original thread is a couple of yrs old but I feel it says what I want it to. There is no intention for the labels to be changed at the moment.

Also, another point I want to make, is though at the moment we're not looking for new team members, there is always a chance that in the future this may change. Right now I'm the only team member that comes online so PMs should all be directed to me and being a First Aid Advisor (FAA) I can deal with the full range of questions. added to this, I also don't get triggered by the content of first aid/ medical PMs and so titles aren't as important, it's mainly just so I know what to expect as well as prioritising them. One thing I do want to sag though is that if we get new team members then titles become more important. Wound Care Advisors WCAs can only answer PMs relating to wounds, all others have to be forwarded to an FAA (though, if urgent, WCAs are authorised to give v basic advice if there isn't an FAA online) and if an FAA is swamped under but a WCA is online then there is the opportunity for them to pass their wound care questions over to them. Therefore a descriptive title means this can be done more efficiently and help the poster quicker. Also,though we go to lengths to ensure everyone in the FA Team is safe, there can be times where members are easily triggered by things and therefore adding a trigger label can be useful so they know what to expect and aren't shocked or so they can forward it to another member of the team if they don't feel they can deal with it. Safety of the team members is something that we have always put at high priority and would like members to respect that. However, at present, there is only me on RYL and therefore it is less important for the moment but at some point in the future this may become more relevant.

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