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felix felicis
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Have you 'dumbed down'?

So i recently decided that i want to go back to school (finally!)

I'm going to go back and do my A-levels again, some different to the ones i did before, but realised that i haven't actually learnt anything for around 4 years now so should probably do some recapping.

Now, i'm going to do maths again. I got an A at GCSE, and a B in some practice A level papers (i dropped it before i did the proper exam), however i have just had a look at some of the brothers basic GCSE papers and know NOTHING. i seem to have forgotten almost everything i learnt at school! I've got a lot of catching up to do before i go back!

Have you found that you have lost knowledge of subjects you used to be good at, simply due to being out of practice?


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Left RYL
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Best way is to just reread your notes again/try to do some of the problems you dealt with.

What you studying?


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i was outstanding at any particular subject just ok-good at most of them (thats not a big headed thing just i was alright at most of them) but the one i loved mot was drama and despite a lot of crap things happening i still love it and enjoy learning about it

good luck with going back :D

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Maths is very much like that... more than most subjects. I teach maths, and it's amazing how often a student will say "I don;t know how to do that" and then half way through your explanation suddenly go "OH YE! I remember now". It's like with most things, if you don't call on the knowledge you will begin to forget it, but usually it only takes a little bit of prompting to bring it back

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Accidentally Abstract
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I definitely feel like that. If I did my GCSEs/A Levels/uni exams now, I'd fail.
I've got stupid without question. :(
Good on you for going back & doing more study though. :)

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Bleeding Angel
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i cant even do simply maths im so out of touch!

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Mrs Sam
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Killer Queen
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Sort of, but these days I hold on to information a lot better and I have a clearer understanding of most things. I reckon getting back into reading and research in a big way at uni helped.

I think I was simply out of the habit of learning, but I got it back.
I must have been out of the habit since I was about 10.

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Uni ruined my brain.

I actually pulled out all of my old cheesy GCSE CGP books, and intend on trying to refresh my memory.

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