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Hello all,

I am off to Thailand on Monday where i'll be volunteering for two weeks, and then travelling for two more. This is going to be my first serious trip abroad, and is also my first time ever flying (and it's going to take forever to get there!)

I was wondering if anyone here had any tips, stories, or advice they could offer me about their own experience in Thailand or with travelling abroad.

Cheers :)

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So many people I have met, so many names not to forget.
Such beautiful people in their right, laughing, dancing through the night.
So many faces I have seen, the futures so bright it can't be seen.
Is any of this even real?

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i've just got back from 3 weeks abroad with my dad (1 in england, 2 in turkey) and they've been great. and been on other trips as well.

also been on work camps for volunteer work, and have been thinking for ages that combining that and a travel part would be awesome.

i hope it goes really well. i think it will though. :)

and try not to worry about the plane *hugs*

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The magical part: They NEVER run out, so borrow some any time you want.

PM me anytime, I love getting messages :)

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I volunteered in Kenya for a month.
Any Q's ask away.

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Do you have any specific questions? Whereabouts are you going? I used to live there.

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If you're flying with Thai Airways, direct from Heathrow - Bangkok, be prepared - there's VERY little in the way of in-flight entertainment. On the way out it's not too bad cos it's during the day. But on the way back, they basically switch all the lights off in the cabin and leave you in the dark for 8 hours which is massively boring.

Thailand is awesome though. Probably my favourite country in the world, although I haven't seen that much of it. My mate did a volunteer project in the south - something to do with elephants, and loved it. I'm massively jealous!

Specific advice.... hmmmm... Don't drink Chang beer because it's vile and it doesn't take much to give you a dirty hangover the next day :)

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