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The War Doctor
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Originally Posted by * in pain..* View Post
i wrote about emo people that they wear black(i think?)because they feel bad inside and sometimes they are depressed. i also mentioned that they cut and some believe its for attention. and that people who are depressed wear dark colored clothes, but other people wear either dark or bright, depending on their mood. is it irrelevant? that i mentioned emo and depression and cutting? i think it is.
I suffer from severe depression and I wear primarily blacks and grays. It's not because I'm "emo" (because I most certainly am NOT) and it's not some stupidly pretentious reason like "I wear black to reflect the blackness in my soul." I wear black because I like the colour and I think it's classy, and I also wear black and grey because I like an austere, unassuming aesthetic.

Some people do wear black because of depression or whatever, but not always.

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For the most part, guys don't do the style thing... and What I wear is the first thing I pick up. Though when I shop, what I buy depends on my mood...

But my hat, now that reflects my mood.

My white fedora for when I'm happy, my brown one when I'm angry and my other hat when I'm undecided.

So you want a story, eh?

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It's full of lonely.
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I think your mood && music taste tends to connect with what you wear, if that makes sense.


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Clothing has its own languages. And different languages in different times and different cultures.

Like being covered up for business and less covered and easier clothes for play.

Uniforms to show solidarity and spirit and even to be recognisable as friend or enemy.

Black and purple for mourning.

Elizabeth 1 of england wore her hair down at her coronation to symbolize virginity.

There is a lot going on, and it is fairly complex. It makes for some interesting reading!

My husband is my best friend.

In forgiving others, we are not exonerating them. They may not deserve exoneration. Rather, in forgiving others we are giving up our anger over the fact that what happened is not what "should" have happened or that our life is not the way it "should" have been.

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sometimes I just want to scream.
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Hmmm, it all depends really.

Sometimes I wear baggy jeans and a hoody.
Sometimes I wear skinnies and a tight top.
Sometimes I wear pretty dresses or skirts.

Just kind of depends on how I feel really. I wear baggy when I want to be comfy and when I'm not feeling very happy, skinnies when I feel okish but when I feel quite good about myself, I'll wear dresses/skirts because it makes me feel pretty.

But really it just depends on the person. x

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It doesn't reflects my personality, but the mood I'm in. I've got different kind of clothing styles and I just wear what feels best at the moment.

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Field Of Paper Flowers
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I really do think so! Especially shoes! =P

My boyfriend could be an example of this. He'll wear rockability t-shirts and jacket but with adidas trousers and sporty trainers. Shoes he loves rock/metal music but also loves playing sports. =P

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