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How to be more tidy?

I am a messy person. It's driving my other half mad and its annoying me too.

I dobt do housework unless I'm reminded to, and I don't often notice things need to be done.

How can I get better at noticing things that need doing and keeping on top of things?

I've tried a to do list but I just forget about it and don't follow it.

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The Shadow of the Day
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I'm not really sure what to suggest other than getting into a routine, which I know takes time to stick. I used to be all over the place with when I bothered cleaning but then I started having set days to do specific things and not doing too much in any one day and that has worked for me.

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I am also awful at being tidy. I do know where everything is but my filing system consists of putting everything into a big pile and forgetting about it for a few years. I do notice when stuff needs doing though but can't find the motivation to do it.

I think a routine is probably the key. As is making lists but you need to actually read them from time to time. I personally really enjoy ticking things off a list... so that's a small incentive to get the task done.

Could you put reminders on your phone or something or stick it somewhere really obvious that you can't ignore? Or say, make sure you do one tidying task each day before making dinner?

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Breaking tasks down into ways that work for you can be helpful. Then setting reminders and doing them regardless of if it needs done or not. You could also try taking photos of what things are supposed to look like, then maybe make a point to compare your living space to the photos every couple of days or once a week or whatever?

Other tips I've seen for example for people who are generally messy is to get bins or boxes for every single room. At the end of the day, go around and put anything in the room that doesn't belong in that room in the bin. Once a week, put everything in the bin back where it belongs. It at least somewhat contains things being out of place to one specific "out of place" place.

Another example is to have garbage bins in every room. Multiple bins in a room if stuff piles up.

If you suck at doing dishes, using disposable dishes can help. Yes, this is more wasteful and expensive, but if it helps make things more manageable for you then it can be worth it.

I have a rotation for both laundry and cleaning. So certain things like blankets and bathroom rugs I wash every few weeks to keep on top of it and keep me from having to do it all at once. Then for example the week I wash the bathroom rugs, I clean the entire bathroom. So I pair things that sort of match up to help me remember, but I also keep track of it on a list on my computer that I then incorporate into my to do list for a specific day.

For example Sundays are my day to sweep and vacuum. I do this every week (because my dog and I both shed a lot). Tuesday is my day to do weird laundry (i.e. bathroom rugs, blankets. etc.) and I have this on a 6 week rotation. Tuesdays are also the days I have to put the garbage out to the street for pickup, so I make sure I empty all the garbage bins in the apartment that day. I'm a relatively tidy person so I also go around every night before bed and put things away, but I recognise most folks don't do that.

I also literally schedule this stuff in the same place that I schedule things like work and doctor appointments, so it's paired with the same level of importance and then I am less likely to forget. Keeping it on a separate list means I don't pay attention but incorporating it into my important tasks for the day means it's there when I check what else I need to do.

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I usually find that I keep a note on a piece of a scrap piece of things that I have got to get done and then when they are done. I then concentrate on one task at a time with music, not the television as that be counterproductive at times. Usually, radio one or Capital FM does the trick or creating your own positivity playlist on Spotify. It really helps to have that focus. But also breaking down tasks into little sections helps.

You can do it :)

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