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Need practical advice on dealing with the heat

Hello, everyone. I would appreciate it a lot if someone would suggest some ways of dealing with summer heat.

I am originally from a northern region, where temperatures pretty much never go over 75 F. But recently I moved quite far away to the south, and here it's around 85 F pretty much every single day in the summer and I can't stand it. I thought that I'll tough it out, but I am beginning to have serious medical problems because of the heat.

The biggest problem is that I live in a top-floor apartment without air conditioning, because I am an idiot from the North and I never thought that's going to be a problem when I was moving in. On top of that, I can't really open windows, because my cat is being silly and tries to get out and catch some birds, and we're on the fifth floor. As a consequence, temperature inside my house is even higher that outside in the sun, and it never goes down, even when at night it's cool outside. Moving is not an option, I have a long-term contract with my landlord. I can't afford to buy an air conditioner either. I could buy a fan, but I don't think it would be much help when you can't open windows.

I also struggle with being outside in the sun. I wear lightweight pants and shirts but it's still feels way too hot, to the point when I lost consciousness in public three times already and it's only 10th of June.

I know my body is supposed to adapt to this, but we had over three weeks of this weather and I don't feel any better.

So any advice on how to survive summer would be dearly appreciated.

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Hi, have you considered window double exhaust fans?
Something like this:
DEF get the extenders to fully block the window. During the day, point both fans to blow out. Keep the blinds closed above the fan. In the evening, do one in one out, or both in. It will not let your cat out, it holds solidly in the window, blocking it fully and can't be just pushed out as it sits in the frame and cradles the window itself, it actually fits so tightly it's a pain to get OUT of the window lol. It can also deal during storms. I lived in unairconditioned apartments in Chicago when the heat was over 100, and while it didn't make it COOL it made it tolerable.

Drink tons of water. Cool showers in the evening before bed without fully drying off. Have a room fan to blow on you at night if possible. For really hot nights, I froze large water bottles and wrapped them in a tshirt and held them against my chest to fall asleep since it cooled my core down enough to fall asleep. Rattan bed mats can keep your bed a more comfortable temperature, too.

Consider getting cooling towels for out in public, large sunhats (they make ones designed for evaporative cooling properties), taking breaks when walking. Again, drink TONS of water. Being hydrated will let your body regulate temperatures more. Try to avoid doing a ton of activity during the middle of the day. Consider ventilated shirts. Even a parasol to keep the sun off of you - shade makes a big difference.

I'd also consider speaking to your psychiatrist if you are on any meds. Some psych meds can make the body significantly more heat intolerant. There might be some strategies for your specific meds if you are on any that have this as a side effect.

I hope at least some of this was useful.

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Wow, thank you so much for such a detailed advice. (Wow, over 100 degrees sounds crazy!)

Have yet to find anyone who ships window fans to my location, but I'd keep looking. Will definitely try the rest of suggestions
Once again, thank you very much.

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Can't really expand on Greyscale's thorough reply there but instead of window fans you can get screens, like a sort of mesh, that go over windows and doors which means you could open the windows but your cat wouldn't be able to get out.

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If your place has windows and opening them is not an option you could also get window shades/drapes that help block out some light, which in turn could keep the place cooler.

The double exhaust fan was also something I was going to suggest, and they also make portable (non window) air conditioning units. Those can get pricey and I know you said you can't afford one, but maybe depending on how long term your lease is, you could talk to your landlord about splitting the cost or something?

Multiple fans could help because you could place them strategically to circulate air. On the top floor things can get stuffy, so even just increasing air flow could be better than nothing.

If you cook and need to use an oven consider getting a toaster oven instead of running the full size stove. It generates a lot less heat.

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