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Depression awareness adverts in Singapore

A friend linked me to this on facebook and I thought it was a really unique and cool way to express how depression and in particular hiding it can be:

(sorry not to post the pic directly here, it just comes out stupidly tiny if I do -_-)

Thought some of you might be interested :)

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Fire Fly
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I'm actually surprised Singapore actually released these ads! I'm glad finally awareness is given to mental health in those parts of the world as its very hush hush and still has a long way to go to even become remotely understanding like the UK/USA/Australia.

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Wow, those are really cool.

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Looks like half the things I see on tumblr!

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Yep I've also seen this on tumblr and wow!

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Snow White.
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That is amazing!

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Wow! ....

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Wow, love it

"Recovery is something that you have to work
on every single day and it's
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I cant read the second one. I Fail

It is a Great way to raise awareness though.

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You're gonna survive the recovery.

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The Stolen One
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^ I hate myself

It took me a fair few attempts to get 'myself'
They're good though, if people actually take the time to read rather than let it wash over them.

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