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Dressing Thighs Effectively? help

So, to make a long story short...I went to a walk in clinic for the first time to get someone to dress some of my cuts for me, they were pretty bad and I wanted to ask if it was still safe (considering infection) if i could apply some butterfly it turns out it was too late, not even 24 hrs but prob like 15. Anyways, so I saw a doctor, SUUUUPER nervous, litterally shaking. And he looked and told me to wait for a nurse to come and she would dress it for me. THE POINT OF MY POST is that well she dressed my arm/shoulder, but it stuck on all day and it still there to this minute. ANYWAYS...I wont be suprised if i get no helpful replies, BUT...I mostly cut on my thighs and I am wondering if anyone knows a Good way to dress, as in cover with sterile pads (gauss) and tape it down in such a way that it will stay a while. my problem is that whenevr i try to tape my thigh, since its a part of the body that moves a lot it never ever stays for very long...or ONE side of a sterile pad will stay stuck (when i tape the 4 sides) Its not about tape, I finally found a GREAT brand of medi tape that sticks like there is no 2morow. But i Cant seem to be able to get a good dressing on my thigh that will stay. I think i have to position my leg a certain way when i tape it so that the tape is set in a way that allows moving and all but I .woundlnt be asking if I hadnt tried that
but yeah...and help would be extremely appreciated!! to no end!

P.S. I dont know if i will get any real good replies so DONT feel bad about reading (even some) of this post then hitting back on your browser if you dont have medi advice.

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Although I dont have advice I would be very intrested if anyone does have advice. All I can say is that you are not alone in this problem I find keeping dressings on my thigh extremly hard.

The only thing I have found that helps a little bit is wearing full stockings or thermals to help hold them on as it is tight.

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*hugs* cant say I have any advice, but I know the frustration.... my biggest problem was wearing jeans, as they always caught on the tape and pulled the dressings off

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Sometimes thigh dressing will stay on for longer if you use a crepe bandage over the dressing .

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i waste tape and take it all the way round my thigh - and its still not brilliant...

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Maybe, if you can find one the right size, a tubigrip over it will help? I have always had the same problem myself and never really found a solution.

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I am going to do some experimenting with a crepe bandage and a tubigrip as you guys suggested. Learning that A LOT more people have the same problem as me I am more eager to find a solution. I might go to a walk in just to see how they do it, if there is a technique or anything.

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Tubigrips aren't always the best things to use on thighs if they are the wrong size as they can cause problems due to blood flow but if they are the right size then it may help; if anything I would go for a size too big as that still won't be too loose to hold a dressing in place.

You can get some medical tape which really holds them and is not affected or pulled off by clothes rubbing over it like Micropore tape is. It is a clear medical tape that is breatheable and rips really easily so it's easy to use and is really effective though it can leave gunky black sticky marks where it was.

Also, try using adhesive dressings as they can be really good. The really thin film waterproof dressings such as Opsite often stay in place really well too though the thicker ones quite often aren't as good.

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I find that using two long strips of medical tape and putting the bandage on sideways works quite well.... so it will sorta look like a diamond and then wrap the tape halfway around ur thigh.... also make sure to do this with you leg extended... as if you were standing.... I find that something like ace bandages will just fall off so not good... just my 2cents worth
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**puts on nursey hat**

opsite is good, so is something called tegaderm which is similar to opsite.
mefix is a really good one to use its like a bit roll of white sticky soft plaster type stuff (really technical term) that comes in a wide roll about 10cm wide and is easy to cover over a gauze swab. better than taping round the edges cos its big enough to cover more area and can put a couple of strips on to cover a big area.

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