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When's it time to get help? Astham question, urgent-ish

after having asthma all my life you would think i would no the answer to this but no i am alswys making mastakes and calling ambulances when i don't need them wasting there time and other times i don't call them and time i work out there really is somthing wrong the ambulance shout at me for waiting.

When should you get help, I have been getting more and more laboured breathing for the last couple of days always coughing and wheazing I have had two attacks tonight where i was required to use the "rescue dose" (10 puffs, i was told by a doctor) I am Ok at the moment but it never stays away for long and as each attack is getting worce i was hoping to get some advice before the next one comes along.

So my questions are
Is it all right to call an ambulance out to an asthma attack?

if so when do you call them? 10 mins in half an hour, longer?

Or should i get a cab up to the A&E? (ER, i think it's called in ameraca) I have been told so many things about this option Paramedics say it is Ok to do this but most doctors have told me never to do this just in case i stop breathing all together.

What is a reasonable peek flow? 450-500 Is my norm. it has been as low as 97 (i know that is bad) but what do i do when it is around 250 and i have diffaculty breathing? Is that then time to call for help?

Sorry about all the questions it's just i am so confused
Any advice that could be given will be a great help.

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I would say you should go see your GP about this problem, as you said, its been getting worse the past couple of days, it is a serious issue.

To answer your question I think that whenever you think you need to go, just go. Don't worry about "wasting their time" if you really need it, because you aren't, you're always worth it.

I think that if you feel that you need to get to the AE your best bet is calling an ambulance and getting the care, rather than taking a cab (what happens if you need the medical attention sooner).

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I think you should organise a plan with ur GP on how to tackle ur asthma and strategies to take before it gets bad but also plans if things do get bad.

But if you think it is getting worse and whatever you do doesn't seem to help, call the ambo's. At least u'll get medical attention before arriving to hosp, which could be life-saving compared to a cab.

Hope that helps a tad

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In terms of when to call for an ambulance then if your emergency inhaler at the dose you've been prescribed does not relieve it after a couple of mins and you're struggling then you need to get checked out. Really this does mean calling an ambulance, not getting a taxi. Taxi drivers have no first aid qualifications (as a rule, there will be some that happen to have but they don't need it), and they definately don't carry oxygen and other meds you may need with them so you should call 999, not get a taxi.

As it's getting worse and worse then you do need to talk to this with your GP or any respiratory specialist you may have to make sure there's nothing else they can do or that it's not something such as an allergy that's worsening it which is a definate possibility.

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