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Taking time off uni for therapy might be a good idea since all the physical tests and reassurance from other people don't seem to be doing much for you. It's ok to take a step back to look after yourself.

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Recovery from mental illnesses isn't linear.

It's great that you were doing better but having a blip isn't going back to square one. One thing I find help is to look at how my mood is averaged over the week to see how things have improved e.g. Going from almost daily panic attack on a 7/10 scale to almost daily 5/10 panic attack to 2-3 mild panic attacks.

Do you monitor your mood? It might be helpful, there are lots of sites to help. It might help you recognise patterns in your anxieties and also days where you might need to be gentler with yourself as well as days when things are a little better and you might be up for visiting people or going for a walk.

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Have you spoken to your GP about anti-emetic medication or using CBD oils? I have no idea if it would be suitable for you so you'd need to speak to your doctor. But it's something to consider.

Reducing the nausea may help to reduce your anxiety.

The stop method works for me with intrusive thoughts. I say Stop everytime a thought comes into my head. In the beginning, I would say it about 500 times an episode haha, now I can calm myself much quicker. Try it consistently for a period of time, it may help. Reassuring yourself enables the thoughts, you're still getting the reassurance when you may need to be focused on managing the intensity of the thoughts.

Also have you been tracking your mood and attacks? If you can start to see causes for them, you can start to preempt them and prepare to shut down the thoughts before they come.

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