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Heidi Tiger
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Originally Posted by Brain Fever View Post
Well, what do you mean by kids? Should 14 year olds and 6 year olds both be lumped into this category? At the very least, you're giving teenagers far too little credit. Regardless of emotional maturity, I'd like to think the majority of teens have a basic understanding of the difference between fiction and reality, and those that don't need more help than being kept away from video games.
Emotional maturity both 14 and 6 year olds. Difference between fiction and reality more the 6 year olds.

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination

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The One Who
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Originally Posted by whirlpools View Post
Claire, i can understand sentences that are longer than one word long. You don't need to put a full stop between each word just because my opinion is different to yours.
So just completely ignore the actual point I was making, way to go.

What about violent films or television programmes? Do they disrespect society, or simply reflect it?

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Violence is an inherent nature, it's something we all have. I think a lot of people just don't like to accept that humans have negative natures in them, and want to find an outward cause for them. Though we are social animals, with very great intelligence, we are still biological animals, built with the same drives as any other. We have simply devised strong social rules that constrain these drives and allow us to live in large social colonies.
Humans were violent a long, long, long time before modern media came along. And we'll still be violent a long, long, long time after these media's have been replaced by others.
Video games allow you to adopt a persona, someone who can do what we cannot. They allow us to fly, to build fake families with our favorite celebrities, they even allow us to run over people and shoot prostitutes. They give us the opportunity to live separate lives away from the social norms we are surrounded by, to act on our natures within the safe confines of non-reality.
People saying that violent video games causes violence are just looking for excuses for their own nature. Some people are more violent than others, some people are more sexual than others, some people are more extrovert than others, these things are inherent and have little basis on external factors. A violent person will be violent whether they have played a video game like GTA or a very passive one, like the Sims.
That's my two cents anyway.

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The War Doctor
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Originally Posted by Heidi Tiger View Post
Emotional maturity both 14 and 6 year olds. Difference between fiction and reality more the 6 year olds.
Generally speaking, it's the 14 year olds who want to play GTA. Granted, I do recall seeing one kid who couldn't have been older than 8 asking his dad to buy him GTA (the dad refused), but 6 year old kids probably aren't old enough to even be interested in GTA. Also, while kids up to 6 can have difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality, they grow out of it. They shouldn't be playing violent video games at that age anyway, but even so, the ones who don't grow out of it have an issue that goes far beyond the influence of video games, and keeping them away from such games isn't going to solve that issue.

I still agree that kids shouldn't be playing Grand Theft Auto. But I do think it's a bit of a stretch to say that the kids who play such games can't tell what's real and what isn't.

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Ill come back with my thoughts later but I have to say I have come across many teenagers who find it difficult to distinguis between fantasy and reality. Its not always something they .need to get help with as most grow out of it but there are some very blurred lines.

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I play games all the time and I am completely normal

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Faulty item
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The pacman game and sounds were my era , also space invaders.
Never really bothered with new stuff apart from wii sports , but i used to scare my budgies with my arms waving about so that had to be got rid of.

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Violent people play violent games, yes
Non-violent people also play violent games and don't go out to start fights and kill people.

Certain games may trigger violent impulses in people with certain issues, but if the problems are known about then the player can and probably should avoid the games and other things that can be a problem to them, losing a game of tetris in the early levels might be enough for some people, but the same people would probably get violent if they lost a game of patients too.

Certain games may also be used as a "training ground" for violent crimes, or at the very least give idea, but so could any horror, crime drama or many other movies.

I suspect after some more studies they'll realise that what happens is violent guy starts playing a violent game and the game satisfies the violence, eventually the game stops working and they turn to real world violence, or someone planning real world violence picks up a game to "practice" their plan (quotes used because its never going to be the same)

So no I don't think games make people violent, just that some violent people play them.

As for the age thing, games are in a sense interactive movies, if the game has an 18+ certificate it's viewed as the same as an 18+ movie, legally you're an adult at 18 so its up to the child's parents /guardians to decide if they're going to buy a game for someone underage and if they're mature enough to play, problem is most parents are either clueless about what their kids are playing, don't care or just got nagged enough, and obviously the store didn't age check very well.

Disclaimer: I've played games all my life, and I've no intention of replicating some of the things I've done in games, as much as I'd like to at times, but I know better and in game genocide hurts no one and I'm sure is more fun than being tazered or killed.

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I wish the people who were saying about how kids shouldn't play 18+ games would talk to my parents. My parents let my 8 year old brother play games like cod and yeah it probably won't make him violent but he's 8!! I just really don't think It's healthy at all for him.

“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”

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I don't believe it for a second. Why don't violent movies ever get any blame? Why is it always video games? I find the idea video games are responsible quite ridiculous.

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