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I am currently:
zopiclone withdrawl

I was put on zopiclone a bit ago to help with my insomnia, but now Im trying to stop it due to its addictive nature, nd my psych said that I shouldnt be taking it for too long because of that... Im sorta scared by it. Now that Ive stopped it Im going through some wicked withdrawl....

Anybody have any advice/tips on how to make the withdrawl experience less intense/bad?

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surprising mystery
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I am currently:

Im not sure what withdrawal is like for zopiclone, but it all depends on how much you were on and for how long. If the psychiatrist has been prescribing and you havent been taking more than prescribed the only effects of stopping should be (at worst) not sleeping for a couple of nights without it whilst your body adjusts to not having it to aid sleep.

Sorry if that doesnt make sense xx

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Calming aromatherapy baths can help.
And if you feel ok with homeopathy or flower remedies, they might help take the edge off, too.

I have been on zopiclone off and on for some time, although have weaned myself off now.
After having been on it alternate days for over a month over the summer, I asked my GP about withdrawal, and she said that it's best just to simply stop it, not do it gradually. It worked fine that time. I did have some grumpiness/irritability, but that did pass.
Just be as gentle with yourself as you can.

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dizzy dyke
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I was able to stop it straight off and I was on it for over a year, everynight,
I seem to not have withdrawal problems with sleeping meds or benzo's apart from the origional problem of not sleeping good returns.

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I am currently:

i've just gone on it and was told there was no withdrawals :/
hope u r ok hun

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Psychedelic Doodle Pop

Originally Posted by Kelpie View Post
I was able to stop it straight off and I was on it for over a year, everynight,
Same, I was on this for 2 years and had no withdrawal when I came off.

What sort of withdrawal are you getting? Possibly it's psychological? Maybe some herbal remedies might help likewhat's it called, that calming thing. Use something as a placebo to trick your body and mind into thinking you're still taking it. I'm guessing you know about all the sleep hygiene jazz?

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