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hello - I'm Schizoaffective and I'm not defective

Hi. My name is Brianna and my username is NotDefectiveSza (no duh - you can see it right there lol). The reason my username is like that is because it had a character limit (boo! jk lol). It's supposed to read NotDefectiveSchizoaffective because i have schizoaffective disorder, and it turns out I'm not defective because of my mental illness.

So yeah, I live with schizoaffective disorder and PTSD. It's a difficult life, but with medication it has made my life somewhat tolerable. I have a cat; her name is Mike Itty (sounds like "my kitty" see what I did there lol). I also have a twin sister and she does not have schizoaffective like I do. Strange that we're not 100% alike, isn't it? One similarity is that we have both struggled with self-harm for a while now.

I'm struggling with intrusive self-harm thoughts recently because the anniversary of a certain traumatic event happened. It happened on Valentine's day... and that's all I want to tell about that.

I just came to this forum for support during my trying time. I also kinda hope to make new friends here. Maybe I'll even make a friend who shares my same diagnosis of schizoaffective. Thanks for reading.

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Hi Brianna, welcome to RYL. I'm glad you have a positive view on mental illness and what it means to you as a person. It's easy to get tangled up in labels. Please post in the support boards if you need some support. I hope you find it helpful here. Take care.

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