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State hospital will not listen to MD when it comes to rest

My electrophysiologist says I need to be able to rest whenever I start to feel extremely fatigue or the likelihood of my passing out greatly increases. I have been eating and drinking as my psychiatrist has instructed me to do so, sometimes even more than she has told me to, however, they will not even talk to my electrophysiologist at this point (though I am going to have them call here next) and tell me I can rest in a chair in the dayroom. They have me locked out of my bedroom from seven in the morning to seven at night other than a two hour nap from three to five which is too late because of cutting myself to the point of needing stitches about a month ago. That being said, they provided me with the object to cut myself with and then expected me not to use it, AT THE STATE HOSPITAL, so that has to say something for them. Yesterday my psychiatrist talked to my friend on the phone for about a half an hour and she said the conclusion was my friend wants me to be able to lay down when I need to but they can't accommodate that at this time. I haven't gotten to talk to my friend yet to see what her take on it is yet but I have a feeling she is not going to be too happy and will agree with me having my electrophysiologist calling the state hospital and instructing them to allowing me to nap when needed. Then if they don't and I pass out and get in trouble, I have yet another lawsuit against them. It's just really ridiculous and that's what I told my psychiatrist, she keeps saying I'm getting closer to being able to be back in my room by myself but that's not helping me now so if I fall and get hurt, it's going to be on her watch

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