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Do you ever just..?

Pardon me but I just have to get this out somewhere... Out of the blue I'm feeling downright worthless... Feel like I'm not of any importance to anyone... Feel like it wouldn't make a difference if I just stopped being a part of peoples' lives because I'm just not important.. Feel like nobody genuinely cares and everyone who does say something ( if anything ) is just pretending... These feelings came to me all at one time all of a sudden and I DON'T KNOW WHY. Basically have been feeling pretty worthless and unimportant lately...

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Yes I feel like this a lot. More so lately because I've gone into a depressive hole.

I think sometimes we feel so awful about ourselves and so psychologically claustrophobic, we end up projecting our feelings onto others and assuming they feel the same about us as we feel about ourselves. It mostly isn't true, although in life there will always be resentments and hard feelings between people, that's just the way it is.

I think people like family generally don't know how to react when we're feeling like this, and their concern or fear can sometimes be translated by us into resentments, when really it is more that they are frustrated they can't help us the way they would like to, not that they would prefer us dead.

I sometimes feel that my family would like me better if I was perfect, and feel unappreciated as I am. That can be tough to deal with, but I have to accept that some people are just not capable of the same levels of patience with mental illness as perhaps some others would be.

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