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Severely Triggering (ED) - something to think about

theres been posts lately asking if they have an ED, a whil ago i was one of those posters and did what was suggested...went to my doctor and told him. since then my ED has got im posting this to let others know how much this sucks and how crappy it can be- well what it is for me. please if your asking 'do i have an ED' -> your best to get it checked out and plases get help as soon as you can.

im sick of ....
being hungry
feeling faint
knowing i should eat
being exhausted even though ive done nothing to warrent this feeling.
not wanting to eat too much
knowing the truth but not accepting it
being labled 'eating disordered'
striving for that perfect number- yet never reaching it.
arguing with myself and others
crying because i screwed up again
wanting to fix it- trying yet always failing.
of having freckles, dimples and curly hair.

of an empty stomach - yet enjoying it
liying to people who care
analysisng cals/kj's of food

The BRAVEST thing
I ever did was
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I agree, seeking help is the way forward, theres no way you will beat this alone.

x x x

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I am a cat
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Yes I tottally agree with this thread.

If you are asking whether you have an ED..I would really seek professional help.

Because none of us on here, are professionals, we cant say yes, or no, you have an eating disorder, because that would be impossible, plus we are all very much wrapped up in our own problems.

Its always best to see your doctor if you think you have something wrong


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[pretty on the inside]
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I agree totally with this post. The sooner you get help, the more likely you are to find it easier to recover. A decent doctor will take any of your concerns seriously.


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