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just been on another visit to hospital

well yesterday i burnt my arm i wont give details, anyway the nurse on dudy doesnt like me so despite a resident telling her, she chose not to even look. que in the morning the other nurse saw it and was horrified and demanded i go to hosp. so me and a support worker went. anyway now im on antibiotics and have to go back. but you know what the sad thing is? i was told in a big meeting if i stop this crap for 2 months id get a stepdown flat. fuck knows what theyll think of this. it was the panic that started it.

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It's too bad you got to the point where you burnt your arm yesterday, and really wrong of the first nurse not to have checked it out. I'm glad someone was able to get you the care you needed this morning.

It sounds like you have quite a few people around you who want to help you take care of yourself. Have they helped you make a plan for what to do when you're feeling triggered? If they have, is it a plan you feel able to follow?

It must be quite stressful thinking about whether or not you will still be eligible for the step-down flat. Rather than trying to figure out what they are thinking and assuming the worst, perhaps you could make a point of taking care of yourself now. Being able to slip up without spiraling out of control is a skill I bet would be in your favor.

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