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Holiday Exchange?

Hey everyone. I was just wondering if a gift exchange has ever taken place here around the holidays. Was it successful? I'd really like to participate in one and was wondering if someone would like to help me organize something if there is enough interest? Or if someone could point me in the direction of one that is already in the planning stages so I could join? I'm just feeling particularly crafty these days and would love to have a buddy to send things to :)

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I dont think there has been ever one on RYL, as far as I remember.

I dont think there will be one on RYL (which is a shame, because I love Secret Santa) due to the no trading rule on the forum. You're not even allowed to link to etsy/own ebay auctions on here, so I very much doubt that a Secret Santa/gift exchange will be allowed.

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i think every year it gets mentioned, and then every year it ends up being scrapped do to concerns about people not bothering to send presents and also with the issue of the site essentially advocating members sharing their address with strangers.

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