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Hi everybody,
I am new here..
I guess I should introduce myself -
but at this very moment
I cannot think of anything suitable...
English is not my mother tongue,
and I am accessing this website via a phone ..
so bad spelling and grammar or vocabulary mistakes -
I will make ( you see ... )
I am 51 years old.
About a year ago I went through some sort of crisis..
that resulted in some sort of depression - it is almost over now -
I have aversion towards professional psychologists - but I was sorry I had no one to talk to when I tried to cope with my depression - but I had close family members to talk to - so that helped.
I am almost ok now - but I still have off-days from time to time...
I am glad I found this site ..
I have looked at it a few times and I like the fact that it is anonymous and that even if I don't find any "friends" I still may have a rant in that "rant forum" .... That's an excellent solution .... I guess THANKS !

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The Shadow of the Day
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Hi, welcome to RYL. I hope you find it helpful here. Take care.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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I already find it helpful. Thanks for your reply. I am still trying to figure out how different parts of this site work - what is private message - what can be seen even for those who are not logged in, etc. It's gonna take me a few days :) to find out how to use this site & feel safe at the same time. And I am an introvert... so... I wonder how much I will be able to share in forum threads...
Thanks for saying Hi :)
That's a very nice welcome.

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Hi. Welcome. Hope you find this useful.

I am still me no matter what SIZEor shape I am!

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