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SI Question - bleeding wont stop

uhmmm i'm hoping im not like, breaking any rules or being too graphic or anything by posting this. so yeah. headsss up. lol.

last night i cut, at about 12 AM, deeper than i meant to, because i was mad at myself. just one of the cuts was deep, and i've not cut that deep before. it wasnt terrible but it freaked me out some because it was bleeding a good bit. so i put a bandaid on it, and it didnt soak through that i noticed before i went to bed, so i figured it was fine.
but then i woke up this morning and it had bled through the bandaid, but i thought it was all dry.
but now its 5 PM then ext day, and its still bleeding... not a lot, but if i run my finger over the bandaid, blood comes off on my finger... im not sure if i should be worried or not. but therei snt much i can do anyway, because i can't tell my parents. i mean i know i could, all that stuff, but im not going to. soooooo yeah... is it serious, or is it something thats going to go away...
its on my hip though, so i cant wrap it to apply pressure. and im out of bandaids. i basically have toilet paper and tape. i was going to get more on the way home, and some neosporin or something, but i felt sick and just went home...

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Do you have any other first aid supplies? tape or anything like that?
Can you get any?

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Hey Carolina,
This is serious, the wound may have reopened overnight or not have stopped bleeding. Apply pressure with something that won't stick to the wounds, tissue paper will. You really need to try and get to hospital ASAP so they can help you.
Take care.

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seeing as you dont have any dressings left it would probably be best to get it looked as and dressed properly. Also you could try taking the bandaid off and seeing if it is still bleeding or not (often when you push down on the bandaid and blood comes out the edges/top it is because the blood has no where else to go

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I agree with the others, a cut that hasn't stopped bleeding or has reopened and is in the position it is, really needs to be looked at.

Take care xx


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The blood on your finger could just be blood off the bandaid...?

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A cut that is deep enough to keep bleeding overnight, should be looked at. But maybe it reopened through the night and started bleeding again.

I have had one cut like that (also SI), and to make sure it stopped bleeding, I first cleaned the wound and applied loads of pressure by just sitting there pressing down on the wound. After that, I forced my skin together and while holding it under pressure, I taped down a fresh gauze really tightly, and wrapped that i a pressure-bandaid.

Don't know if it would work for you, seen as its on your hip. Best bet is too get it looked at.

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There is a difference between actively bleeding and blood seeping from a wound. If you uncover the wound and a little blood wells up in the wound and that is it, that isn't a critical issue. If you uncover the wound and blood starts running down your leg, that is an issue.

If the wound is seeping the best thing is to get some wound care supplies like non stick gauze and steri-strips and dress the wound properly. You can also get this done at a doctor's office.

If the wound is actively bleeding, then you absolutely need to go to the doctor.

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