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Sexual Health - pain "down there"? *possibly urgent*

ok I'd hoped it wouldn't come to this because I'm finding this really embarrassing and gross.. but here goes...

I labelled it sexual health because it probably is, and in a way I'd rather that than it be something worse.

so for a long time now, at the end of my period, i get quite strong pains down there, itching and swelling. i always associated it with leaving a sanitary towell in for too long because sometimes I'd forget to change it before I went to bed so it would be in for about 12 hours. But I'm pretty sure I don't do that any more I've got it at the moment though - I managed to have a look just now and it seems quite swollen, the, uh, dangly bit (I didnt pay much attention in biology) seems sort of.. crinkled? and is very painful to touch, and there seems to be a couple of little pink sores on it but that might be because the other night it must have been very itchy and I scratched it in my sleep and the pain woke me up. There's also a strange sort of discharge, it's been permanently quite wet down there, the discharge is clear and almost seems like sweat. It always goes away after a few days but right now it's SO painful and almost throbbing. I REALLY don't want to go to the doctor about it though.

A couple of possible factors:
  • a while ago I was tested for chlamydia, gonhoerrea, HIV and they all came back negative. i've also had 2 out of 3 hepatitis shots and so far there's been no sign of anything like that. however I have been sexually assaulted since the tests so am planning to get tested again, I suppose -_- this has been going on for a year or so though and I had all those tests in the last 8 months.
  • several times there have been *injuries* to down there, bleeding etc as a result of attacks but I kept them clean and I don't think I got an infection. I was thinking though, maybe the skin down there is permanently damaged and there's extra acid around during my period? I really dont know
  • it helps to put an ice pack on it, and to let the air get to it.
Ok that was pretty horrible to write out. I want to stress that I would have big big problems going to a doctors, but if anybody knows of any alternatives then I would be glad to hear them

ok thanks a lot :) hopefully you got this far without cringing TOO much....

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It could be thrush.

Definately go for your check up asap. But I would definately urge you to go to the doctors. It may be horrible and embarrassing but worth it to set your mind at rest? Remember that they've seen it ALL (and I mean ALL) before. Even if you had scars that you didn't want to show, they wouldn't force anything upon you.

Maybe in the interim you could speak to your pharmacist to see what they suggest? You can ask to speak to a woman in private if you want. A lot of Boots branches have walk-in clinics these days, too.

Good luck!

But I can tell you've been through hell...

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Your period can change the acid/base levels in the area which can make you more susceptible to things like yeast infections.

Do you use any special wipes, creams or scented feminine products during your period? If so you could be having a reaction to that.

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