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General Medical Question - Urgent - pneumonia?

people have been saying i might have... and i dont know if they are joking. But basically iv had this flu for bout 7 weeks now and it wont go?!

bout 2 month ago i had a chest infection, they gave me anti-biotics and steroids but i didnt complete the course, they then gave me another set but still didnt complete them because im an idiot.

But im worried now and i dont know wether to go bk drs, i will get told off and i hate being told off :( i dont know what to do??

my symptoms are:- bad cough, phlem comes up with bits of red ( i have asthma ) and i need to take my inhaler every day, it gets that bad i dont get to sleep.
stuffy/runny nose
loads of ulcers on my tongue
(this one will be disgusting but its worrying) my poo has red in it.

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Pleaseeeee see a doctor. Your symptoms are worrisome, and your health is important! if you get told off, it happens, but at least they can help you get better & you won't be suffering any longer. good luck & feel better xx

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Yes, you need to get re-checked. Your doctor probably will not be happy with you for not finishing your antibiotics twice, but you already know that. If you keep letting it go on like this, and it gets worse they will be more displeased that you waited so long.

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