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What to post / What not to Post in this Forum

What to post/ What not to post in Veterans General

Welcome to Veterans General Board. This board works very much like the normal General Chat but with a generally (but not exclusive) older population. There are a number of ongoing threads where you can get to know us better including Whos who in Vets corner and the Vets adoption agency. You will probably notice that the Veterans corner tends to have a more adult perception on things, including jokes. So please do not be surprised if you see some adult topics being discussed.

What to post in here
  • General questions about adult topics including university or employment issues, relationship advice and children.
  • Fun topics such as jokes and stories, however if the subject is of an adult nature please label appropriately.
  • Any other non- triggering questions/problems/topics.
What not to post in here
  • Triggering topics
  • Posts asking for support on more serious subjects relating to self harm or mental health
  • Anything else which breaches the Terms and Conditions.
If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact a moderator. The main moderators for Veterans General is PropheticStar- however any other moderator can be contacted, please see staff listings.

Thank you :)

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How to label threads correctly in the Veteran Corner. [please read].

How to label threads correctly in the Veteran Corner. [please read].

A clear list of correct labelling has been produced to try and protect RYL's members who could be accidently triggered by a post's contents if they do not realise what it contains. RYL's aim is to encourage recovery and the lack of clear labelling and the consequence of accidently triggering undermines this aim.

Please keep in mind the sensitive nature of many members when posting and remember that a simple label can remove the type of problems mentioned above. Also, please try and post in an appropriate forum so your thread recieves the proper attention and advice.

Below is a list of labels, a basic guideline to what you should include in your title bar of any post you make, many of which are self explanatory, although futher description is placed in brackets by some of them.

List of Labels:
(The difference between *trigger* and *graphic* is severity and detailing of the post. Although many people can cope with mild triggering, a seriously graphic description of anything could put them in danger. For example, saying you SI'd today and feeling low would be *triggering* whereas description of your wound would be *graphic*.)

*sexual abuse*
(Not to be abbreviated to SA)

*physical abuse*

*ED trigger*
(ED trigger can be applied to a post where feelings and thoughts relating to an eating disorder are spoken about that could trigger others.)

(Any post discussing something related to things such as sex etc. must be labelled to discourage younger members viewing potentially innappropriate conversation.)


*suicide*/*suicide trigger*
(Suicide trigger labels must not be abbreviated to SU or SUI, and "goodbye" or suicide notes are not permitted.)

(Specific details of overdoses, such as the dose of the drug, are not permitted.)

*Self Injury*/*SI*
*Self Harm*/*SH*
(Self Injury can be abbreviated to SI, and Self Harm can be abbreviated to SH as these are common labels)

Can everyone also be aware that shortening labels can cause confusion and, therefore, undermines the benefits of having them. It is better to have a slightly longer title with clear labels than shortened ones that may cause a member to be triggered.
Finally, if you're not sure whether a label should be included or not, add it anyway - it's better to be safe than sorry!

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