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The What Cheers You Up Thread

Heres a positive thread
I cant sleep so its a result of boredem.
Personally, it's probably my guinea pigs. Their always happy to see me and give me hugs in their own way when i need it.
Atm their next to me...squabling...
But yeah lol.
So what about you guys?

[Three Years free since March 6th 08]

So much has changed...not been on here in ages.

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Im a bit strange,I have changed insurmountably as of late
what cheers me up ,is when I see a team , whom I support score !!! there are no words to describe this (barca beating man u in champions league )
I also like a really good song to come on when Im driving ,
sitting out in the sun ,having a drink getting a tan with good company (this is the world ),
dancing when ur really fired up and UR tune comes on

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Location: Ottawa, Canada
I am currently:

What cheers me up is having a hot bath by candlelight with some Bob Marley playing, and getting hugs!

"Where ever I am I always find myself looking out the window wishing I was somewhere else." - Angelina Jolie

'You haven't failed until you quit trying'

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I'm breaking down, and it's because of you
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Location: Lancashire
I am currently:

I don't think I can post mine xD;. I like to read through conversations I've saved with my friends, that are as rude as they are funny <_<;

Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness, Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness, Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness, Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness,Ness.

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Location: Manchester
I am currently:

comedy programmes
my imagination

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Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Bellatrix's Lair.
I am currently:

I was out and about walking a few days ago, and it had been raining so there was puddles everywhere, and a lady was walking with her son and the lovely person in the car slowed right down when he was going through the puddle so they didn't splash the lady and her son. It was such a sweet and considerate thing to do, I never see stuff like that.

Little things like that always cheer me up ^_^

And curling up in my Jammies with Blankie and watching Bad Girls usually makes me feel better :)

And when a song I haven't heard for years randomly comes on the radio, I love that :)

Oh and when someone says something that shows they remember something special about me, that just shows they care. Like getting an email with a photo of a baby elephant in before, because they know I like elephants. Stuff like that.

It doesn't take much to make me happier xD

Now I'll play your ghost as my ace, whenever I'm led astray.
But I am actually good, can't help it if we're tilted.
I'm in my right place, don't be a downer.

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^ to above thats sweetness incarnate ,can I bring u to live with me ' smiles '

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I am currently:

I'm never really "down" - because I am never really "up". However what I like most is seeing other people escape difficult situations - especially young people. I have seen young people growing up distressed and confused - then suddenly a light goes on and they start to find themselves and chase off all the harm. RYL has been good for that at times.

"Not all those who wander are lost" Tolkien

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^ I know how u mean about never being down or up ,for me its being on meds ,it takes away my soul I think ,this nothing ness and as much as I have described above ,it usually takes alcohol really .Im a non person ...BOO MEDS

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The fact you can say meds "takes away your soul" actually means you still have it - a fact I already thought numerous times. You might be acting out a "non person" role, but fact is your recognition of such means your still intact - just trapped away (very common btw). There is noble of nature and noble of birth and your in first camp - just used to degrading self out of compulsion more than anything else imo. Your close to being super well.

"Not all those who wander are lost" Tolkien

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Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: America
I am currently:

i luv when i come home and my animals are happy to see me, i luv it when you see your crush and they talk to you or give you a hug, i luv it when people are nice to people they haven't met like holding a door open for an old man or a store owner watching a toddler when the moms trying on clothes or helping someone who doesnt have enough money buy the rest of there groceries(sp) i luv reading a good book and watching something that makes you laugh

“Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.” -

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the world is no longer mysterious
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Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: Florida
I am currently:

hanging with my friends and my fiancee is proably the most thing that makes me happy, without them and her (surprised she's still here after two going on three years :|) I'd be a total mess.
watching House makes me so happy it's retarded, I love being able to just sit down with a cup of coffee and watch an epy or two, it makes me think.
hanging out with my little sister, she's only 14 but we have alot in common for being sisters so close at age (I'm the older one, five years apart)
getting new books
finding a new cd/song that I like
playing with my snakes
I think that's about it...I love random acts of kindness too...I'm an easy person to make happy

“Because everything that goes around comes around. Maybe it's luck or maybe it's fate, but either way, it comes back around."

Rest in Love Sar-sis. I'll see you the next time around hopefully <3 12/11/92-05/18/16
AJs mommy ❤️ 11/26/17
Married to my best friend and Soulmate 3/5/18 ❤️💍

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Snow White.
I am a fairy.
Join Date: May 2004
I am currently:

Last night I rediscovered just how cuddley and comforting one of my bears was, so I gave it's super soft fur a stroke as I lay cuddled in my warm bed. And it made me smile.

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Location: Birmingham
I am currently:

talking to my friends online,
playing my piano =]

You gotta swim don't let yourself sink,
Just find the horizon I promise you it's not as far as you think.

Do you ever wish you could die, but be alive at your funeral?
Just to see who would come, who would cry, who would care?
(O.o )
(> < ) This Is Bunny. Copy Bunny into your signature to help him on his way to world domination.

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Too Shy
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Join Date: Jun 2007
Location: West Sussex
I am currently:

Loud happy musics
Talking to the best friend
Days out at uni with the parents :)

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[Alive out of Habit]
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Location: The Wired
I am currently:


Broken Smile . Starless Sky . End it All . Say Goodbye...

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Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Playing guitar.

Even though my hands are freeeezing so im playing very badly.

Benji's Weekly Insight:
I have a Tonberry teddy called Grudge.

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My animals always make me smile, even when i'm crying my cats will sense i'm upset and curl around me, i love my cat snuggles (i have 6), they all have there quirky little ways and characteristics/personalities that always make me smile, i could watch them all day playing.
And not forgetting my dog Candy.

Friends always make me smile in r/l. It's difficult online when you're feeling crap but sometimes my close friends have made me laugh online and taken my mind off things which i will always appreciate.

Reading psychic magazines, watching horror movies (surprisingly!) always cheer me up - i can't always do it for long but i love it when i really get into something - it takes my mind off things.

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Steel Magnolia
faithful pastafarian
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Location: Mullingar - Ireland
I am currently:

Newton Faulkner - gone in the morning. Love it. Lyrics always make me smile!

"Buy the ticket, take the ride.."

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