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Covering Scars?


I'm a new member and a 'recovered' self-harmer. I haven't cut for almost 4 years and I've reached a point this summer where I've become very conscious of my scars. I would say I've hit 'the bottom,' and the only thing I can feel is shame, hatred and embarrassment about the scarring and find I'm constantly beating myself up about it. I try to cover up as much as I can but it's been so hot that some days it's just not possible.

I was wondering if anyone had ever tried any make up or anything specifically for covering scars and what they thought of it? My arms and stomach aren't great but have faded to the point that I feel somewhat comfortable with them but my legs (being able to hide them a lot easier) took the brunt of my harming and are pretty much covered in scars..I'm finding it very hard to accept them and the thought of anyone seeing them scares the life out of me. I've tried normal make-up but it does nothing to cover the scarring and was wondering if anybody else could recommend something to either cover or help to reduce the look of them? Worth noting that all of my scars are now white bar a couple that are still a little red where they're still healing.

Thanks, Shay x

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I would say don't be ashamed of your scars, they are part of whats made you the person you are today and they aren't something to be ashamed of! But i can understand why you feel like that.

In terms of covering them up you can buy make specifically designed for this I think its called dermablend. If you google tattoo coverup make up also that may help. I have not tried this personally however.
Hopefully someone else who has tried this type of make up will be able to help

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There's loads of advice on here RE how to cover up. Infact, there's an entire thread called something along the lines of 'Its summer time' (I can search for it later if you can't find it)

Cocoa butter and bio-oil and any other cream for stretch marks could help long-term. Or steroid cream from your GP depending on the type of scarring that you have. Short term, Primark sell really cheap and thin long sleeved tops. And foundation could help, depending on the typr of scars again. Also, tubi-grips are wonderful!

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Here's the thread which has plenty of useful cover up tips.

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