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Nursing/midwifery/teaching with psychosis...

I'm 21, and still trying to decide what to do with my life. I know I want a job working with people, and at the moment am looking into nursing/midwifery or teaching. I am currently with the early intervention team because of trauma related psychosis as part of borderline personality disorder. ive had dbt and have been out of hospital two years. i was just wondering whether anyone on here was a teacher/nurse etc and had come up against occupational health? I've already had my contract as a Playworker at a school terminated because
Of the report my psychiatrist wrote.

Thanks for any advice :)


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There are several student nurses on here with similar issues for sure, but there aren't so many teachers on here, so I don't know about that.

Once you are reasonably stable, there's no reason why you should be able to go into it, but if you're in/out of hospital it's a bit more difficult (not impossible) to do it right now. You said you've been out of hospital for two years, so it sounds like you should be fine.

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I'm an occupational therapy student and I had to go through Occupational Health once as all students do, then I had to repeat it in the prescence of the OH leader and ellaborate on my answers.

The key to remember is that the purpose of the OH is to help you on the course, not try and kick you off before you've started x

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Thanks for the replies guys :) I'm less worried about the NHS as they're attitude to things like psychosis is better than ofsteads!

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I'm a nursing student also under early intervention service. I have found occupation health to be really helpful. They did not stop me doing my course dispite several admissions.

You can pm me if you like x

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Im a student teacher, OH were really thorough when talking to me,even though all that I had to declare was bereavement counselling!

I know someone on my course who went through OH with OCD and anxiety and he got on the course but I think there were a lot of things in place with him,not 100 percent on that though!x

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Lots of teachers work that have MH issues. Unfortunately a lot of it is caused by the job. If you have been stable for some time then it would be possible, but you would have to go through OT. They would require a medical report to say you were fit to teach. It depends on what the psychiatrist wrote and whether that would still be the case.

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