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just me!?!?
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pierced my lip!!

pierced my lip yesterday by myself, and ive been told to expect swelling and slight pain, and ive been cleaning it very regurly with mouthwash, saltwater and disinfectant. so how do i know if its swelling too much, and how should i decide when its swollen to much, and take it out?

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Sans Peur
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Copied from otherpost

Piercing yourself was kinda stupid.Going to a professional means it is done correctly and is clean.

Do you have a labret bar in your piercing?
was it autoclaved beforehand?
did you wear gloves and use a clean needle?

The aftercare you are doing is wrong.The mouthwash you should be using should be alcohol free and disinfectant shouldnt be used to clean piercings.... i really doubt it is safe to have in your mouth.

You should do warmsea salt soaks ( no idodine to harm the piercing) 3 times a day with hot compresses.Alcohol free mouth wash may be used aswel.No smoking and no drinking alcohol.No kissing because that will cause bacteria to get into your piercing.

If you are concerned about the piercing then go to a piercer to get it checked out.Piercing yourself can cause problems including nerve damage.Pain and swelling should last nomore than 2 weeks in my opinion.

Jane x

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Mrs Sam
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yes listen to super jane the piercing queen she knows all!


i'd never have the guts to pierce any part of my body myself. rather pay the money and visit the shop.

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