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That's great! Good for you! :) Unfortunately I am still working up the courage to go. My priest made a joke last Sunday about having lots of time to think in the confessional.

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Is there something specific worrying you about Confession?

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Originally Posted by Desdemona View Post
Nice to meet you both! Itís a shame that this thread isnít as active as it once was, but itís nice to see that some people are still hanging around! :) And nNow I guess itís just been so long and I still feel so doubtful, I just donít know how to get back to that place where my faith seemed so strong.
Sorry for not answering sooner.
My experience is similar, I guess, I kind of lost contact as a young adult. Maybe there program wasn't good enough. But many years later I returned to church, mot the same parish.
As I see it, church is more important to people that lost their faith or is in doubt. My favorite quote from Morse is: The question is if God believe in me, not if I believe in God
Take care

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This hasn't been posted in for ages! I need Christian advice...

I'm worried that by hiding from the Devil I'm also not seeing God. Anyone empathize?

with Christ I hang upon the cross

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