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[Lighthearted Advice] Reguarding Christmas :-)

So, me and my lovely will have been together for 8 months soon.
I've met his family, but only in a few occasions. His mum got me a birthday card back in July, and I've got his brothers/sisters cards on their birthdays..

Now, reguarding Christmas. Do I get his Mum something small? Which means I also need to get his Dad something.. Whiiiich then means getting his brothers/sisters and their partners something.. I don't have much money lol I'm on suchhhhhh a tight budget.

So if not presents, do I just do Christmas cards? But then why if they get me something and I haven't got them anything? Argh!

What at wouks you do in this situation lol??

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Hey :)

Hmm tough situation, I agree.

I'd say go for Christmas cards, and either get them small, cheap, symbolic gifts, or if you're crafty, make them?

Like if for his brothers/sisters(age irrelevant), you can get reindeer chocolate? And Santa Claus chocolate for the dad? And for his mom, you could either get more chocolate, or try to find out what she likes/what her interests are and get her something small&cheap?

Sorry, all I seem to be suggesting is chocolate.

Also, like I said, if you're crafty, you could try to make them something like cute Christmas decorations?

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Forest Fire
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Will you be meeting them all at the same time over christmas, like having a meal with them? If that was the case and it was me i'd probably get them all a card and probably a christmasy looking chocolate (sorry it's already been mentioned haha) cake or something along them lines.
If someone didn't get me a present and i'd got them one i wouldn't be bothered as i don't give to receive. I can't imagine someone being funny with you about it. Most people are chilled out over christmas :)

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You've only met them a few times. They've sent you cards. You should only send them cards. Simple

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I was going to say cards and maybe some christmassy food like a biscuit or chocolates for the family to share if you feel you need to get a gift.

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Sentient Treacle
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I'd just send a card to the family and probably buy like a tin of chocolates like Quality Street. My go to present for everything apparently.

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You could try making somethign cheap, like homemade christmas fudge or soething (plenty of nice recipes online) and then cut it up and put it into little individual bags for each family ember with a wee gift tag.

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If chocolate is a no go, you could make little potpourri satchels. They're super cheap.

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Thanks everyone for your ideas!
Box of chocolates and a card it is

Throw kindness around like confetti !

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