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waiting for the sun to rise
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Adult - Broken - a poem

Feeling more lost right now than I have in such a long, long time...I wrote this to help purge some of my feelings.


Always chasing happiness,
Something that's just slightly out of reach...for me.
Thought I had what I wanted
But I guess it just wasn't meant to be...for me.

You gave me so much love,
And now all of that's just been torn away...from me.
Wishing I could sleep deeply
At least no one can take my dreams...from me.

The tears just keep falling with no end in sight.
My eyes are so red but I'm still awake tonight.
I just want to be empty
My body feels heavy
I think there was an earthquake in my soul.

The blood could drain from these wrists
It wouldn't be enough to fix things
I was forced to choose and I chose life
But now I question if it's worth all the strife.

I'll put one foot in front of the other
Ignore the cruel words everyone has to say.
I'll do everything I can
Just to keep these tears at bay.

There's a hole in my heart now, raw and fresh and new
I chased happiness....and it got away.
Now here I stand, cold and blue and hollow
Wishing more than anything that I could erase tomorrow.

In my bottom drawer, I hold every precious memory
The things you made me...I choose to keep.
Everybody else is happy now but I'm all alone.
They'll never understand...

I chose life and all I want now is to die.
I am broken.

Even shadows need some form of light to exist.

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This is really good. Nice job.

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Yeah, I defintely relate. Hope you'll feel better, I'm sure there can still be happiness...for you.

A world without Light would be dark.

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