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Afraid to go to Doctor for Treatment of Self-inflicted Injury


I have a self-inflicted burn that is not healing even though it has been over 3 weeks. I am afraid that the burn might be infected, but I am afraid to go to the local walk-in clinic/ urgent care for treatment because the burn is obviously self-inflicted and is in close proximity to many other self-harm scars. If I go for treatment and the doctor sees that I've been self-harming, can I be involuntarily hospitalized? In case it is relevant, I live in the USA.

Any advice is appreciated!

Thank you,

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If you were in the UK they would be very unlikely to hospitalize you for SI. They might offer to refer you to the community team. Best thing is to get the wound seen to, you don't want to risk it.

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I agree with tamobhuuta. Due to rules we can't offer first aid advice so the only thing we can suggest is that if you're at all worried about your burn then seek medical advice.

As for whether you will be hospitalised I am afraid that I don't know the answer as I live in the UK.

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Depends on which state you are in I guess?

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Honestly; your health is priority and the wound needs to heal, regardless of whether or not it was self inflected. I life in the US and also have scars that are visable, but they care more about what currently needs treatment (from my perspective anyway). They won't normallly hospitalize you unless you are suicidal or a danger to yourself, and so long as they feel comfortable enought to discharge you to follow up with your theripist.

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Your health is the priority. Please get the burn looked at. An infection can be horrible. I live in the US as well. You won't be hospitalized unless you are an immediate danger to yourself or someone else.

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Originally Posted by Celticroots View Post
Your health is the priority. Please get the burn looked at. An infection can be horrible. I live in the US as well. You won't be hospitalized unless you are an immediate danger to yourself or someone else.
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The op posted this in September.

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Closing due to age. SalLupa, if you would like this thread to be opened again please get in touch with any of the moderators.

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