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My Innocence


The innocence of a child is sacred,
For one to grab it and twist it and turn it inside out,
Trampling on it and filling it with evil and pain.
To place the burden of secrets on tiny shoulders,
How do they live with themselves?
These people only want, they never give, they just
Want and take and make off with the most precious part of us.
What makes them think they can have it?
Children grow to be adults,
The pain and scars never leave us.
They grow and change and shape us,
Ignoring the things that have been said and done
Will cause our heart and soul to callus and dry out.
The pain can only be pushed down for so long
Until the child inside us rises up and begs for mercy
Begs for justice or revenge.
We can placate this child with drugs, sex, food or
By endangering ourselves.
But nothing changes,
She is still there,
Still crying and seething in the pain and torment of her destroyed innocence.
What can be done?
What can we do for the child inside?
We can let her out, we can allow her to talk,
To share her pain, the secrets that have been hidden,
That have been torturing her tiny soul.
We can take her out, look at her and tell her we love her,
Let her be a part of us that we accept,
Stop hating and pushing down this integral part of ourselves,
For we are who we have become.

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