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Ed and bpd unit?


I was just wondering has anyone out there been treated as an inpatient for an eating disorder and borderline? Pref on the nhs.

The reason I ask is that I am really struggling with my ed at the moment but the local ed unit refuse to treat me as ip due to bpd. So was in a bpd unit for a week huntercombe roehampton while they found a general psych bed for me but they didn't really get the ed. Last nite I moved to the local generic psych unit and it's so obvious they don't know how to treat people like me. The drs seem to realise it a bit more but the staff r totally rushed off.

Any advice would be great

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I don't know of anywhere that specializes in both, but you might want to look at the retreat, York. They are a psychiatric hospital that deals with many things including bpd and eds (on different units - the acorn programme for bpd and the naomi unit for eds). It's a private hospital but if your locality agreed you might be able to get nhs funding. Not sure how hard this is to come by though. Also worth noting that, whilst there is a lot of very good treatment on the acorn programme (i know people who have been) you really need to want to get better and work hard at it, they have a lot of rules and you can be discharged if you break them very often.

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Cygnet hospital group have a ed unit with bpd unit, they are seperate but can treat both.

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I think you could also look at out-of-county treatment, still funded by NHS. It could take a bit of pushing, but there are places which would take you on regardless of the PD diagnosis.

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